There’s only one game in town today and it’s tennis played by Andy Murray.

11 Sep

Seventy six years since the last time a British male hand closed around a Grand Slam event trophy a Scottish chap does it. He came pretty close to winning Wimbledon this year and was only beaten because it was Federer’s desperate swansong.

Andy’s new coach has made all the difference and given him the determination to keep on going, no head dropping when something goes wrong, just girt and determination. The Gold and Silver medal wins at the London Limpics helped him make the leap to major league winner.

The first big win is the hardest, apparently, and having done it once the likelihood is that he’ll do it again and keep doing it. He’s grown into a very fit athlete and his game has also improved and of course he’s matured into adulthood.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that Andy’s success is down to hard work and the investment made by his family etc. No input from and GB sporting body.

Having achieved this wonderful result he has time to consider next season. There is one major victory from all the others that he will cherish of course and that’s Wimbledon. Winning that would quieten even his harshest of critics and reduce Hendon Hill into a nostalgic memory replaced by Murray mound.

There’s also the growing issue of the BBC Sports Personality of the Year coming up in November. With the Limpics, Plimpics, Tour De France and now the USA Tennis Championship it’s going to be a complicated and impossible job to make awards on an individual basis. The last few years have been ridiculous because the judging was carried out by journalists rather than the public.

There’s a good argument for the BBC only hosting the awards rather than owning them since they always have their own axe to grind. Much better if there was an independent sports body which could draw up rules etc. and find a way of recognising sporting achievement.

You could also argue that winning medals, events and getting honours from the Queen suggest that it may be that the lauding might getting out of hand. Is there a need for a higher and higher levels of recognition? No of course not. Sport is an add on to life it isn’t life itself unless you live and breath it as an athlete or sports person.

The big question is what can athletes and sports people do when they retire? Commentate on TV? Write columns for the papers? Coach? Manage? Open a shop or a gym or buy a pub? Maybe they just retire and enjoy the money that they’ve made?

If they do carry on to coach or manage can they do this overseas? Can they help coach competitors who will take on GB athletes or sports people?

I’ll finish now. Before doing that however I’d like to draw your attention to a post I did months ago here. The comment is interesting is it not?

Nah nah nah nah nah!!!!

Well done you – Andy Murray!!!!! And a big thanks too.


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