A much bolder product line for Apple to consider…

12 Sep

Did you know that desktop computers are on the way out? Do you still use a desktop? At work? At home?

Desktops used to be the thing to have, mainly because they were the cheapest alternative. Laptops were twice the price or more, it’s wasn’t unusual to have a laptop at work that cost almost £4000 rather than £400 now. Desktops at the same time were around £1200.

Laptops still carry a premium but they are much more versatile than desktops. One major issue however is that laptops can’t be too heavy or too big. Sometimes the manufacturers cheat by making the power supply unit bigger to reduce the size of the laptop, which is a pain when travelling and lugging.

The latest laptops (ultras) are very thin and light but they are still a bit pricey starting around £800 or so. I have a large desktop, an IMac with a 27″ screen because at times I have to work with A3 diagrams. I use an IPad when I go to visit clients but it can be restrictive because the screen isn’t big enough.

Bearing in mind that Apple are going to announce nice new shiny kit tonight it’s not too late to insider how else they could produce stuff which would be more useable and flexible.

The MacBook Air ultra laptop has lots of computing power but currently only has a maximum of a 13″ screen. The IPad screen is currently 9.7″ but it also contains all the computing power in a small form factor. I’d like a MacBook Air with a detachable screen. The screen would run like an IPad when not attached to the keyboard and base unit of the Air but it would just operate like a normal screen when attached to the base unit.

It would be really brilliant if we could buy modular screens. So you could buy low cost screens to add to your MacBook Air base unit. It comes with a 13″. And you could buy another 13″ screen and put them side be side connected to the Air! Or you could buy another two or three to add to the screen that came with it originally and tile them.

The 13″ screen which would run as an IPad when not connected to the base unit should also have a stylus which would allow proper on screen writing and drawing just like the original tablet computers developed by Microsoft.

Maybe the actual computer part could be the size of a paperback book, with a fold out keyboard and a wee mouse. Then you’d be able to carry them around with maybe a 7” screen, which would also be an Ipad, just like the new IPad Apple will announce either tonight, or later in the month.

Modular is the way to go. Flexibility to suit all needs. Sounds good to me. It would do. When I was travelling a lot I tried to put together kit, which would be as small as possible. I ended up with a Compaq Ipaq with a folding out keyboard. The screen was small but I could type documents with it. That was a good ten years or so ago, eons in computing time.

But this is now and modular is the way to go. If Johnny Ives worked his magic on the designs of all of these new modular parts they would look fabulous and be a joy to hold and use.

Come on Apple be bold. Go where computing has not boldly gone before like you used to before.

Not long until tonight’s reveals. IOS6, IPhone5 and maybe a mini IPad.

That’ll do for starters.


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