Apple IPhone arrives

12 Sep

My post of a few days ago about what might happen at tonight’s reveal wasn’t far away from actual then.

Well it will have actually arrived in a couple of weeks time. Start forming an ill tempered and frustrated queue if you want to be one of the first to get your hands on one so you can show it off to your mates. I’m not changing at the moment, I’ll give it a couple of months.

It has the bigger screen and will run on the much faster 4G network for Internet stuff. It has a better camera and battery and the new dock interface. Excited yet? No? It also has a quad core chip which runs everything. Still not excited?

Well IOS6 will be available too and it has some nice stuff but it isn’t a wow moment really.

Okay well what about a new IPod? A new Nano which has had the most form factor changes than any other Apple product. The wee square one which could be worn like a watch is history and is now a thin, narrow IPod Touch type of device.

The new IPod Touch is very thin with a bigger screen like the IPhone 5 if you want a 64GB version.
No news on sound quality apart from the introduction of new earbuds. Whilst I’m sure they will be an improvement I can’t see them being significantly better than before and not nearly as good as quality specialist products.

ITunes update too. Let’s face it it could really do with one.

So nothing exciting.

Where is the next wow product going to come from Apple?


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