Scottish Teachers holidays.

13 Sep

I intended to do another post on education but I got sort of bogged down on the one I was doing. No matter, BBC Scotland to the rescue.

A report has come out saying that Scottish teachers work the most hours of any other teachers in the known galaxy. The solution is that Scottish teachers should get more holidays.

Well first of all lets agree that teachers work longer hours than is sensible. Work life balance? Not balanced at all. Mrs TT is a teacher and I’ve worked with school previously and most of the teachers certainly worked much longer hours than you would think. They don’t start at 8.45 and finish at 3.30. Maybe some do but certainly not the majority.

Longer school holidays isn’t the solution, it needs a much wider approach and some serious re-inventing but not of the wheel, there’s been too much of that for years, which accounts for a lot of the additional hours of work for teachers.

I’d like to see a queue of pupils and teachers at every schools gates first thing every morning it is scheduled to open. That would show that the desire to learn and the enjoyment of teaching would be very evident.

First the opening hours for schools should be considered. The current model doesn’t work any more, it’s been out of date for a long time since mums started working and farmers no longer required people to help with the harvest etc.

I’d actually suggest a shift system. Open the schools from 7.00 PM and close them at 10.30 PM. Pupils/students/learners could then go to school at a time that suited the family needs. This would need more teachers of course and at the same time more teachers with much smaller classes could also be introduced. Like University to a degree (ha ha ha)! Classes would be repeated at different times and days during the week.

More teachers would cost more money, but the government has been training teachers in their droves so there would be plenty of new shiny teachers just ready to sign up. Opening until later at night could also restart the old evening class system so that people from the local community could get access to courses in various things.

The local community could also get access to the facilities that the school has such as swimming pools, IT stuff, music facilities, gyms, meals, etc. etc. That would be a good thing would it not?

Perhaps schools should open all year round and at weekends apart from Christmas and New Year? Then parents could book holidays whenever they wanted them and not just at the expensive “lets rip people off” times which are currently exploited by the travel firms.”

This could be the start of a new education system, which would meet the needs of everyone involved in it.  Utopia, and why not?

It would cost a lot more? Well, get the money back from the banks that they owe the taxpayers within a couple of weeks, stop fighting wars within a month, reduce MPs expenses, remove all climate change levies on energy bills and stop giving money to people who put up windmills and the like, greatly reduce all the silly regulations which costs a fortune to monitor, make all government, civil servants, councils, councillors and MPs accountable etc. etc. Oh, and I also meant to mention ending the need for a TV licence speaking of the BBC.

There that was easy.


What’s next?

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