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Building houses…

A couple of weeks ago a person from the government in Westminster said it was time to build loads more houses and that it would be okay to develop building land from the current 9% of the available land in the UK up to 12%. The gnashing of teeth was immediate and loud as you would expect as the greenies were appalled at this.

Of course, as usual, they had missed the real point, which was much, much, more of a gnashing of teeth moment. In the UK the vast majority of the population, around 90%, currently live in 9% of the available land. 10% of the population live in 91% of the land available.

Houses are smaller in the UK than many European countries and tiny compared to most homes in USA and Australia, it’s not reached the issues they have in Japan but if no more land is made available in the UK we surely will.

So we need more homes, we need homes which are bigger space wise and that come with more land. How about garages that are actually big enough to put a car or two in and also roads that are wide enough to drive and park on?

Hey, lets really push the boat out and start building interesting houses? Not long lines of the same house with a little variation but different houses completely?

More homes built quickly and to a better quality standard would bring house prices down and would reduce the deposits banks require for people trying to get on and stay on the property ladder.

Will this happen? Of course not, far too many vested interests. Far too many

people trying to get as much money out of the system as they can, too many greenies worried about biodiversity but not the human species aspect obviously.

There’s enough land to go around and still make everyone happy surely?

But is there the will?

You’d think the lefties would want this solution would you not? More homes at better prices? You’d expect the Tories to want this since their mates would be providing working capital, mortgages and making profits from actually construction? The Libdems? Who knows and the greenies don’t want anything apart from taking us back in time when we lived off the land and were one with nature and there was food for all and everyone was cozy.


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You’d Harley believe it…

Friday was to have been Harley Day but the inclement weather made that just too difficult. I didn’t want it to be all dirty on the first day I had it and to be fair, if only it had been, I just wouldn’t have been sure what level of grip it would provide on wet roads.

No matter though because Saturday was the new Harley day Mark 2!

I went up to collect it not long before 11:00 although the roads were still wet. It was great to finally get it. Cold and wet under foot but still a joy. The noise is just amazing. If you want a bike that makes a real noise a Harley does it without trying. If you want a car that makes a great noise you need a V8 engine, no messing although you’ll spend a lot of time at petrol stations. I have a V8 engined Jeep, just like the one that the bombers used in their attempt to bomb Glasgow Airport. In my sights, the current owner doesn’t know that they will be selling it to me soon.

Anyway, I had a run out and then went to put it in the garage. I couldn’t push it in backwards into the garage because there is a kind of steep concrete ramp it has to go up. Far too heavy for me to push backwards up the incline. Not to worry. I drove it in and planned to rehash the garage on Sunday.

Mrs TT helped me sort out the garage so there was enough room to turn it round enough to be able to drive it out again. It involves a 500 point turn but who’s counting?  I then drove the bike round to the front of the house and parked it to the left of the drive since we had to go out in the car for a few minutes.

My neighbours car was parked in front of the bike and I saw her walking past the bike and getting into her car with her two young kids. I considered going out to make sure she had enough room even although there was loads of space front and back of her car. Then to my horror she reversed into the Harley. She pushed it upright from it being leant over on it’s stand towards her car and then she noticed it and pulled forward quickly. I ran out and very, very luckily there was no damage at all. Phew!

She was very apologetic. I’m sure she had a fright.

Too close for comfort though.

How may lives does a Harley have? One has definitely gone for sure.


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Air guns and air heads.

Just when you think it’s pretty safe to relax and think that the politicians have said enough for the year along comes something else. Against a background of falling incidents involving air guns Kenny MacAskill pops up onto our screens to inform us that air guns are going to be licensed in Scotland.

Why? Apparently someone has claimed that there are more than 500,000 air guns owned in Scotland. Really? As low as that? Or is the number from a ridiculous extrapolation worked out by a person in a University somewhere who could do with more funds?

As far as I know the only people with guns are farmers and the like and people who are members of gun clubs and the guns they own are shotguns. When I say the only people I’ve obviously missed out the Police and of course the criminal fraternity.

Gun crime in Scotland is down to the criminal fraternity with the odd bit of help from the Polis when someone makes a mistake or gets carried away.

The crims use guns usually to settle a score. Drugs gangs seem to like them. They shoot each other mostly, sometimes in full view of the public which isn’t a good idea.

The guns they sue a banned. The crims can get them though. The crims use them. Bad men use them too, like the chap in England who had hand grenades too. That guy killed two policewomen who were unarmed. Why did he do it? I didn’t hear any bans on guns for crims and loonies being called for.

No matter, the increasingly over-zealous SNP government has another ban to introduce, which will allow them some further grandstanding, strutting and smug smiling for sorting out a non-problem.

When are the SNP, or any other political party in the UK, going to stand up and say it’s time we got rid of as much regulation and legislation as is possibly possible and then re-visit it again and again until we regain the freedoms we’ve lost as a minimum?

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Another day another ban.

The Supreme Court said it was okay for Wee Eck and Nippy Sturgeon to have all tobacco sold in plain wrappers and not to be displayed. This is to stop people taking up smoking. It works in the same way that drug users don’t become drug users.

Well they can’t just walk in to an emporium and buy drugs you know. Drugs aren’t advertised on TV, they don’t sponsor football teams and they don’t put their brand names to snooker and the like. They don’t use shiny and bright packaging either. In fact the only way they people can know about drugs and buy them is through friends who use drugs and who can recommend someone who will sell them.

People who smoke cigarettes know where to buy them but plain wrapping and hidden products doesn’t seem like a great idea and on what basis anyway? The shiny packaging doesn’t entice them, it may help them consider an alternative brand but starting smoking because the pack is shiny? Get real.

You may have seen a short video when you were at school which showed the difference between a non-smokers lungs and a smokers lungs. The smokers lungs were horrible, all black or miscoloured. This was a lie. Search the internet and you’ll find lots of papers and lots of doctors all saying that smokers lungs don’t look black or miscoloured. In fact it’s impossible for a doctor to tell the difference between a smoker and a non-smokers lungs unless they get down to the micoscopic level. FACT!!!!! You might also want to bear in mind that a huge number of lung transplants use smokers lungs. Does that shock you? Not heard it before?

You might also want to ponder why lung cancer rates are increasing whilst the number of smokers is declining? You may consider the fact that since the medical profession blame all lung issues on smoking they may have been missing vital evidence, which was causing more cancers than smoking!

I don’t smoke. I was never keen eating food when people where smoking but I was happy to sit in the non-smoking section of eateries and I could also sit in the smoking bit if my hunger or the fare on offer was spanking enough. I managed my opinions just fine. I stuck to live and let live. Tolerance we used to call it.

I think it is pretty disgusting how smokers are now being treated. Having to stand outside to enjoy a smoke? Totally unfair. Smokers have the right to do their thing and as a democracy there should be tolerance of their want. Why can’t pubs and hotels and restaurants or anywhere else for that matter not be able to decide if they allow smoking inside and if they do advertising that fact? Politicians know better? Of course not. Doctors know better? They used to, now its all nannying and lecturing.

Second-hand smoke? Have you or any of your friends or families ever succumbed to second-hand smoke health issues? Have you ever heard of anyone dying from second-hand smoke exposure? No. Not a one. And please don’t hit me with the asthma thing. Does the medical profession know what causes it?  Why are they prescribing drugs which make asthma worse?

Why is the government trying to stop people smoking? Smokers have to pay significant duty on their fags. That is an earner for the government. The NHS says smokers cost them too much money? If smoking kills then smokers die younger. Non-smokers live longer and use more of the NHS services. The longer lived cost the most. Simple.

Shame on Wee Eck and Nippy.

Shame on Doctors.

Shame on us all allowing smokers to be persecuted.

Support your neighbourhood smokers today!!!!

Stop press.

Coincidentally, last evening I found myself in an ASDA store. The petrols cheap and Mrs TT needed some stuff for a kids party. The cigarette bit was a series of grey metal shatters with the prices underneath. Ludicrous. Ridiculous. Pathetic. There is no place in our society for this sort of government interference.

You don’t care because you don’t smoke? But you drink and eat. How long do you think it will be before alcohol is treated in the same way? How long will it be before some foods – chocolate, crisps, cake, etc. are ttreated in this way?


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It’s Harley anyone’s concern but mine.

Today is a fairly momentous day for me. It’s a Friday so the weekend will be along in a bit and the Xmas holidays aren’t too far away? No, it’s neither of these.

Today I will be taking delivery of my Harley Davidson. Now before you head down the mid-life crisis bit and smile a wry smile whilst shaking your head I’ve been there. It was a number of years ago now. I’m over it. What I’m not over, and never will be is being an overgrown young boy who likes nice toys.

I’ve ridden motorcycles over the years although there have been years when I’ve not had one or not ridden one, but motorcycling is like nothing else. Driving a car isn’t nearly as immersive. The bigger and faster the bike the more you need to concentrate on riding it and not seeing the scenery in too close for comfort mode. It clears your head of pretty much everything else.

You’ll also have heard about all those old guys who buy a motorbike and go out and have dreadful and sometimes fatal accidents. Mostly those guys had a bike years ago but not a big bike and they go out and buy a big bike. Bikes nowadays are so much easier to ride. They stop, go around corners and are very nimble with it. Bikes from the 70s and 80s stopped eventually, wobbled around the twisty bits and were heavy. Changed days and for the better.

A Harley is a different type of ride altogether, its not that fast and rushing isn’t part of the deal anyway. Most of them are pieces of art. Some Ducati’s, MV’s, the latest Nortons and so on are also art but a Harley has a different approach.

If I could ride my Harley into the lounge and park it there I’d be able to enjoy it as an object of art all the time. Mind you Mrs TT might be pretty ticked at that. It’s not that it would drop oil; they don’t do that anymore either. It’s not that the lounge isn’t big enough and I couldn’t get it through the door anyway. It’s not that I be polishing and cleaning it all the time either.

Okay it’s because of all of those things less the oil.

The weather isn’t helping. Luckily the bike has been relaxing in the workshop over the past couple of weeks whilst it’s transformed into MY Harley Davidson. All Harleys are different. It’s part of the deal really.

At some point the bad weather will break long enough for me to get it home. No wet roads, rain or stuff like that. That would be sacrilege.

Whenever it’s the right moment it will be whisked down the road, admired outside the house and then tucked up in the garage.

Then it will be spring and summer and I’ll be able to ride it more. Maybe even to commute using it if possible. I don’t really care what other people think apart from MRs TT obviously, it’s just a me thing.

Any chance of that much loved global warming happening in the next few hours?

No I thought not. A figment is always a figment.

But a Harley is a Harley is a Harley.


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Fracking hell.

Yesterday we were all doomed (again) by the output from the BBC news.

Right on cue this morning the doom continues with the lead item on the BBC News on Radio 2 was firstly that fracking was to recommence but which changed in a later bulletin to fracking might be allowed again.

Apparently it causes earthquakes. Not according the British Geological Survey it doesn’t. Although there was a tremor, it was much smaller than tremors that happen across the UK all the time. The BGS could provide no evidence at all that fracking would cause any sort of problems.

Next was the incredible claim that fracking could poison the water table. Fracking is carried out much deeper than the water table. But what about those reports from the USA showing people able to set fire to the water coming out of their taps? Easy. Almost all of the examples where staged and the very few which have occurred happened because a new water well had been sunk and had passed through a pocket of gas much, much, much nearer the surface.

Why is the BBC still peddling these falsehoods? We know they are greenies but being green doesn’t mean you can fail to tell the truth? If the BBC are being less accurate, shall we say, with this topic can they be trusted to report accurately on any subject at all?

The price of gas in the USA has fallen by 50% because of the fracking. They have enough shale oil and gas to keep the lights on for at least a hundred years and their carbon emissions have dropped substantially, not that that makes a blind bit of difference to anything.

In the UK we have to sit and chitter and pay ever more ridiculous energy bills because the government are taxing us to fund greenie windmills and like and the gas providers are just plain profiteering.

Let’s get fracking. It’s a fracking way of doing things and anyone who says different is a fracking looney!


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We’re all doomed!!!!

The main BBC news at six last night and then the Scottish News which follows, carried stories about Scotland being told that we would have to negotiate and apply to join the EU(SSR).

The first ten minutes of the bulletin was taken up with unionist doom and gloom. Not only will we need to apply to join the EU(SSR) but following a majority voting Yes in the independence  referendum our electricity would be much more expensive.

No one has asked the Scottish people if they want to stay in the EU(SSR) or not. I know polls have been published but come on, we are adult enough to know how those things can be manipulated to ensure the answer people paying for the poll want.

It’s easy to explain why the EU(SSR) would want to negotiate. They will want Scotland to join the Euro and to find out how much Scotland can give to prop up those countries that have lost the plot.

Anyway, it doesn’t sound like real independence if the EU(SSR) are telling us what to do. The Euro and the pound don’t sound like long term bets either. A Scottish pound? Scottish dollars?

Higher electricity prices then. Firstly energy generators in Scotland have to pay more than their English counterparts. Why because the further you are from London the more you have to pay to connect to the national grid. If we gain control of Scotland’s national grid we will pay LESS! A lot less.

Scotland is also a net exporter of electricity and it’s likely to be England who first suffer the indignation of the lights going off because they can no longer generate enough electricity to meet the demand. Ecks green power won’t be a lot of good mind you but he will keep following that path for his own reasons.

Again we have the unionists using doom and gloom, which seems to be their only tactic.

It’s likely that this sort of tactic will be used repeatedly and increasingly as the independence vote gets nearer and the BBC used to get that propaganda out there. Surely the Scottish people will see through this?


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