Are Apple losing the plot or did they loose it a while ago

02 Dec

I went into the Glasgow Apple store a couple of weeks ago. I had a cursory look around and then went to the till, since no one had approached me. The lady asked if she could help. I said yes she could. I said I’d like to purchase and IPhone 5.

Have you reserved it she said. No said I, I don’t want to reserve one I just want to buy one. You can’t she said. You have to go on-line and reserve one. Then we’ll email you and tell you a time the next day when you can come and pick one up and if there aren’t any slots you’ll have to repeat it until there is a slot.

I know the phones are in short supply but not entirely. What’s going on.

I suggested to the lady that since I’d come through from Edinburgh especially just to get an IPhone perhaps they could help. No. Do as they say. End off. I did point out that there was noting on their website which explained this system. She said the information was there but on the individual Apple Store websites

I was ticked!

Okay, I thought I’d go home and order one on line. I could make myself available to jump in a train an d go through to Glasgow at some point which suited Apple but not necessarily me.

I ordered one on line. Two weeks it would take. It appears that is a rough estimate. I’ve been keeping a check on the order and it hasn’t moved one iota.

Did I mention that Apple took the money straight away for the IPhone? They’ve had the money for almost two weeks. Nice if you can get it. It’s maybe the case that they are a bit strapped for cash at the moment. It’s nearly Christmas after all and it’s an expensive time for us all. Their profits may not be as high as previously. Still billions mind you. Except they have loadsa money!

How long ago is it since Apple were saying how horrific the Dark Empire was. Not the film thingy though, they were talking about Microsoft. If Microsoft behaved like Apple as they are now they would have been pilloried relentlessly.

Not that I’m defending Microsoft, Windows 8 looks like a giant disaster of giant disaster proportions.

If it weren’t for the fact that Apple products are so well designed I’d be away ordering a new suit jacket so I could fit a Galaxy 3 phone in it.

I’ve heard other tales with people hoping to be helped in the stores and getting short thrift. You know what they say about pride always comes before a fall?

Maybe Apple are due a not so insignificant fall? That might be just the adjustment they need to get back on the case and start behaving like a company who cares.


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