BBC propaganda

06 Dec

According to the BBC news someone, who knows about such stuff has said that Scotland would need to apply to join the EU. This is, as the newsreader claimed a bad thing, which will have a negative effect on the SNP and their referendum.

Obviously no mention of the voters and what they might actually want.

No mention of the growing grumbling within Englandshire to get out of the EU using the same language we Scots are using to support independence.

It is up to the Scottish people to vote on whether Scotland should join the EU and I’d imagine that the EU would want any new members to also join the EURO too.

Now just say Scotland achieves a yes majority for Independence. We’d be independent although there would be much discussion, posturing’s and arguing with Westminster about who gets what but ultimately Scotland would be Independent.

And then we would be asked to vote on whether or not we wanted to join the EU, which stop us being independent. Makes no sense.

Now the doomsayers will rave on about how 40% of our exports go to the EU. And the EU would stop buying our stuff? The EU would go in the huff and not want to know? We would still trade with the EU, and although we’d have to meet their regulations we would be free to expand the other 60% of our trade with other countries all over the world, countries which would be happy to deal with us and countries who have large communities with Scottish roots.

The BBC seems to have added a daily item to their news bulletins which provides an anti-independence view or as the grownups like to call it propaganda.

Obviously the BBC has a lot to lose following a yes majority. Wee Eck may well have proclaimed that Eastenders etc. would still be available for Scottish viewers to watch following a yes majority. But the BBC would be split like all other shared assets with the UK.

I would hope that the license fee would be dropped immediately. Refunds all round chaps. Next? The Scottish share of the BBC could then be subject to a management buy out and then sell their products in the Scottish market place. That way we could pay for what we wanted rather than what the BBC think we want to watch or listen to.

Is their nothing, nothing at all that the Unionists can come up with which isn’t negative doom and gloom crap? They have nothing positive to say at all? I haven’t heard one single positive.

Lastly, how about the partly decommissioned nuclear subs at Rosyth are moved down to the Thames? They could tie at least one up beside HMS Belfast, one beside the MI6 building and one beside Westminster and hold a competition for other Cities in England to bid to get the rest. Absurd? No more absurd then keeping them where they are right in the centre of a very populated area.

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