Freedom of the press in Scotland

11 Dec

I’ve always had a leaning towards Scottish Independence. History suggests that it would be good for us and we’d get the space to get on with our lives. That said we’d need to keep the “nobles” in check and of course maintain a government being subservient to the people.

The reality may be somewhat different however. The “nobles” have been slowly and carefully trying to undermine the economy and achieve a position which introduces the concept of our children achieving less in their lifetimes than we did in ours. This slippery slope would be disastrous.

Doom and gloom you say.

Well maybe, maybe so. The electoral success of the SNP gained them a majority in the Scottish parliament. I felt this was step towards Scottish Independence and it still may represent a significant step.

But then we have had a load of silly policies to contend wind and water power, minimum pricing for alcohol, a smoking ban in public places and just over the past few days the muting of regulated controls over the press backed up with legislation. We are supposed to believe that the politicians would keep out of it and what about the great and the good who would form the regulators?

I joined the SNP Party. The utterance of the words about removing a free press from our country means I’ll be resigning soon and saving myself a few quid each month. Fascists, be they from the right or the left, remove free speech.

I’ll still support the Yes campaign in Scotland. I’d thought that the SNP would die at the point of independence being achieved anyway and that’s even more likely now.

Free speech is a corner stone of democracy and our democracy becomes more of a figment each passing day. This is something that an Independent Scotland should address; return the people to being sovereign. Is Eck big enough to state that as a main aim of independence?

It’s even more important than ever to remember that a vote for Independence is not a vote for the SNP. A vote for independence is a vote for you as one of the Scottish people, for you as participant of a dynamic Scotland with the potential to punch above it’s weight and a country, which you know, other countries would want to trade, invest and share with.

It all sounds so simple and cosy and of course the reality will be much less so. But we ALL have to be optimistic. Our children and their children in turn need as good a future as we can possible leave for them.

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