We’re all doomed!!!!

12 Dec

The main BBC news at six last night and then the Scottish News which follows, carried stories about Scotland being told that we would have to negotiate and apply to join the EU(SSR).

The first ten minutes of the bulletin was taken up with unionist doom and gloom. Not only will we need to apply to join the EU(SSR) but following a majority voting Yes in the independence  referendum our electricity would be much more expensive.

No one has asked the Scottish people if they want to stay in the EU(SSR) or not. I know polls have been published but come on, we are adult enough to know how those things can be manipulated to ensure the answer people paying for the poll want.

It’s easy to explain why the EU(SSR) would want to negotiate. They will want Scotland to join the Euro and to find out how much Scotland can give to prop up those countries that have lost the plot.

Anyway, it doesn’t sound like real independence if the EU(SSR) are telling us what to do. The Euro and the pound don’t sound like long term bets either. A Scottish pound? Scottish dollars?

Higher electricity prices then. Firstly energy generators in Scotland have to pay more than their English counterparts. Why because the further you are from London the more you have to pay to connect to the national grid. If we gain control of Scotland’s national grid we will pay LESS! A lot less.

Scotland is also a net exporter of electricity and it’s likely to be England who first suffer the indignation of the lights going off because they can no longer generate enough electricity to meet the demand. Ecks green power won’t be a lot of good mind you but he will keep following that path for his own reasons.

Again we have the unionists using doom and gloom, which seems to be their only tactic.

It’s likely that this sort of tactic will be used repeatedly and increasingly as the independence vote gets nearer and the BBC used to get that propaganda out there. Surely the Scottish people will see through this?


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2 responses to “We’re all doomed!!!!

  1. ghengisthemidgies

    December 12, 2012 at 10:13 pm

    I mostly agree with your post but you are completely wrong to say: “green power won’t be a lot of good”

    Green power is working now generating just shy of 35 percent of Scotland’s electricity in 2011. The majority of that is from wind power:

    Get the facts (not the anti wind power propaganda):

    Summary of Scotland’s resource potential

    “The renewable electricity generating capacity may be 60 GW or more, considerably greater than the existing capacity from all Scottish fuel sources of 10.3 GW”

    In the not too distant future renewables will be as important to Scotland as the oil industry is today.

    • Tedious Tantrums

      December 13, 2012 at 8:06 am

      If you look closely at the figures you’ll see that the wind figures are in fact best case scenario. When we most need power, when it’s really cold wind provides nil.

      Also consider that wind needs a full time backup. That is to say that gas, coal and nuclear have to meet the gap that a lack of wind causes and the cost and waste of energy that involves make wind at best a very local and even personal option i.e. a windmill in your back garden.

      I’d actually be keen to do that just to get off grid!

      Thank for your comment.


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