Fracking hell.

13 Dec

Yesterday we were all doomed (again) by the output from the BBC news.

Right on cue this morning the doom continues with the lead item on the BBC News on Radio 2 was firstly that fracking was to recommence but which changed in a later bulletin to fracking might be allowed again.

Apparently it causes earthquakes. Not according the British Geological Survey it doesn’t. Although there was a tremor, it was much smaller than tremors that happen across the UK all the time. The BGS could provide no evidence at all that fracking would cause any sort of problems.

Next was the incredible claim that fracking could poison the water table. Fracking is carried out much deeper than the water table. But what about those reports from the USA showing people able to set fire to the water coming out of their taps? Easy. Almost all of the examples where staged and the very few which have occurred happened because a new water well had been sunk and had passed through a pocket of gas much, much, much nearer the surface.

Why is the BBC still peddling these falsehoods? We know they are greenies but being green doesn’t mean you can fail to tell the truth? If the BBC are being less accurate, shall we say, with this topic can they be trusted to report accurately on any subject at all?

The price of gas in the USA has fallen by 50% because of the fracking. They have enough shale oil and gas to keep the lights on for at least a hundred years and their carbon emissions have dropped substantially, not that that makes a blind bit of difference to anything.

In the UK we have to sit and chitter and pay ever more ridiculous energy bills because the government are taxing us to fund greenie windmills and like and the gas providers are just plain profiteering.

Let’s get fracking. It’s a fracking way of doing things and anyone who says different is a fracking looney!


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