It’s Harley anyone’s concern but mine.

14 Dec

Today is a fairly momentous day for me. It’s a Friday so the weekend will be along in a bit and the Xmas holidays aren’t too far away? No, it’s neither of these.

Today I will be taking delivery of my Harley Davidson. Now before you head down the mid-life crisis bit and smile a wry smile whilst shaking your head I’ve been there. It was a number of years ago now. I’m over it. What I’m not over, and never will be is being an overgrown young boy who likes nice toys.

I’ve ridden motorcycles over the years although there have been years when I’ve not had one or not ridden one, but motorcycling is like nothing else. Driving a car isn’t nearly as immersive. The bigger and faster the bike the more you need to concentrate on riding it and not seeing the scenery in too close for comfort mode. It clears your head of pretty much everything else.

You’ll also have heard about all those old guys who buy a motorbike and go out and have dreadful and sometimes fatal accidents. Mostly those guys had a bike years ago but not a big bike and they go out and buy a big bike. Bikes nowadays are so much easier to ride. They stop, go around corners and are very nimble with it. Bikes from the 70s and 80s stopped eventually, wobbled around the twisty bits and were heavy. Changed days and for the better.

A Harley is a different type of ride altogether, its not that fast and rushing isn’t part of the deal anyway. Most of them are pieces of art. Some Ducati’s, MV’s, the latest Nortons and so on are also art but a Harley has a different approach.

If I could ride my Harley into the lounge and park it there I’d be able to enjoy it as an object of art all the time. Mind you Mrs TT might be pretty ticked at that. It’s not that it would drop oil; they don’t do that anymore either. It’s not that the lounge isn’t big enough and I couldn’t get it through the door anyway. It’s not that I be polishing and cleaning it all the time either.

Okay it’s because of all of those things less the oil.

The weather isn’t helping. Luckily the bike has been relaxing in the workshop over the past couple of weeks whilst it’s transformed into MY Harley Davidson. All Harleys are different. It’s part of the deal really.

At some point the bad weather will break long enough for me to get it home. No wet roads, rain or stuff like that. That would be sacrilege.

Whenever it’s the right moment it will be whisked down the road, admired outside the house and then tucked up in the garage.

Then it will be spring and summer and I’ll be able to ride it more. Maybe even to commute using it if possible. I don’t really care what other people think apart from MRs TT obviously, it’s just a me thing.

Any chance of that much loved global warming happening in the next few hours?

No I thought not. A figment is always a figment.

But a Harley is a Harley is a Harley.


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