Another day another ban.

15 Dec

The Supreme Court said it was okay for Wee Eck and Nippy Sturgeon to have all tobacco sold in plain wrappers and not to be displayed. This is to stop people taking up smoking. It works in the same way that drug users don’t become drug users.

Well they can’t just walk in to an emporium and buy drugs you know. Drugs aren’t advertised on TV, they don’t sponsor football teams and they don’t put their brand names to snooker and the like. They don’t use shiny and bright packaging either. In fact the only way they people can know about drugs and buy them is through friends who use drugs and who can recommend someone who will sell them.

People who smoke cigarettes know where to buy them but plain wrapping and hidden products doesn’t seem like a great idea and on what basis anyway? The shiny packaging doesn’t entice them, it may help them consider an alternative brand but starting smoking because the pack is shiny? Get real.

You may have seen a short video when you were at school which showed the difference between a non-smokers lungs and a smokers lungs. The smokers lungs were horrible, all black or miscoloured. This was a lie. Search the internet and you’ll find lots of papers and lots of doctors all saying that smokers lungs don’t look black or miscoloured. In fact it’s impossible for a doctor to tell the difference between a smoker and a non-smokers lungs unless they get down to the micoscopic level. FACT!!!!! You might also want to bear in mind that a huge number of lung transplants use smokers lungs. Does that shock you? Not heard it before?

You might also want to ponder why lung cancer rates are increasing whilst the number of smokers is declining? You may consider the fact that since the medical profession blame all lung issues on smoking they may have been missing vital evidence, which was causing more cancers than smoking!

I don’t smoke. I was never keen eating food when people where smoking but I was happy to sit in the non-smoking section of eateries and I could also sit in the smoking bit if my hunger or the fare on offer was spanking enough. I managed my opinions just fine. I stuck to live and let live. Tolerance we used to call it.

I think it is pretty disgusting how smokers are now being treated. Having to stand outside to enjoy a smoke? Totally unfair. Smokers have the right to do their thing and as a democracy there should be tolerance of their want. Why can’t pubs and hotels and restaurants or anywhere else for that matter not be able to decide if they allow smoking inside and if they do advertising that fact? Politicians know better? Of course not. Doctors know better? They used to, now its all nannying and lecturing.

Second-hand smoke? Have you or any of your friends or families ever succumbed to second-hand smoke health issues? Have you ever heard of anyone dying from second-hand smoke exposure? No. Not a one. And please don’t hit me with the asthma thing. Does the medical profession know what causes it?  Why are they prescribing drugs which make asthma worse?

Why is the government trying to stop people smoking? Smokers have to pay significant duty on their fags. That is an earner for the government. The NHS says smokers cost them too much money? If smoking kills then smokers die younger. Non-smokers live longer and use more of the NHS services. The longer lived cost the most. Simple.

Shame on Wee Eck and Nippy.

Shame on Doctors.

Shame on us all allowing smokers to be persecuted.

Support your neighbourhood smokers today!!!!

Stop press.

Coincidentally, last evening I found myself in an ASDA store. The petrols cheap and Mrs TT needed some stuff for a kids party. The cigarette bit was a series of grey metal shatters with the prices underneath. Ludicrous. Ridiculous. Pathetic. There is no place in our society for this sort of government interference.

You don’t care because you don’t smoke? But you drink and eat. How long do you think it will be before alcohol is treated in the same way? How long will it be before some foods – chocolate, crisps, cake, etc. are ttreated in this way?


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