Air guns and air heads.

16 Dec

Just when you think it’s pretty safe to relax and think that the politicians have said enough for the year along comes something else. Against a background of falling incidents involving air guns Kenny MacAskill pops up onto our screens to inform us that air guns are going to be licensed in Scotland.

Why? Apparently someone has claimed that there are more than 500,000 air guns owned in Scotland. Really? As low as that? Or is the number from a ridiculous extrapolation worked out by a person in a University somewhere who could do with more funds?

As far as I know the only people with guns are farmers and the like and people who are members of gun clubs and the guns they own are shotguns. When I say the only people I’ve obviously missed out the Police and of course the criminal fraternity.

Gun crime in Scotland is down to the criminal fraternity with the odd bit of help from the Polis when someone makes a mistake or gets carried away.

The crims use guns usually to settle a score. Drugs gangs seem to like them. They shoot each other mostly, sometimes in full view of the public which isn’t a good idea.

The guns they sue a banned. The crims can get them though. The crims use them. Bad men use them too, like the chap in England who had hand grenades too. That guy killed two policewomen who were unarmed. Why did he do it? I didn’t hear any bans on guns for crims and loonies being called for.

No matter, the increasingly over-zealous SNP government has another ban to introduce, which will allow them some further grandstanding, strutting and smug smiling for sorting out a non-problem.

When are the SNP, or any other political party in the UK, going to stand up and say it’s time we got rid of as much regulation and legislation as is possibly possible and then re-visit it again and again until we regain the freedoms we’ve lost as a minimum?

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