You’d Harley believe it…

17 Dec

Friday was to have been Harley Day but the inclement weather made that just too difficult. I didn’t want it to be all dirty on the first day I had it and to be fair, if only it had been, I just wouldn’t have been sure what level of grip it would provide on wet roads.

No matter though because Saturday was the new Harley day Mark 2!

I went up to collect it not long before 11:00 although the roads were still wet. It was great to finally get it. Cold and wet under foot but still a joy. The noise is just amazing. If you want a bike that makes a real noise a Harley does it without trying. If you want a car that makes a great noise you need a V8 engine, no messing although you’ll spend a lot of time at petrol stations. I have a V8 engined Jeep, just like the one that the bombers used in their attempt to bomb Glasgow Airport. In my sights, the current owner doesn’t know that they will be selling it to me soon.

Anyway, I had a run out and then went to put it in the garage. I couldn’t push it in backwards into the garage because there is a kind of steep concrete ramp it has to go up. Far too heavy for me to push backwards up the incline. Not to worry. I drove it in and planned to rehash the garage on Sunday.

Mrs TT helped me sort out the garage so there was enough room to turn it round enough to be able to drive it out again. It involves a 500 point turn but who’s counting?  I then drove the bike round to the front of the house and parked it to the left of the drive since we had to go out in the car for a few minutes.

My neighbours car was parked in front of the bike and I saw her walking past the bike and getting into her car with her two young kids. I considered going out to make sure she had enough room even although there was loads of space front and back of her car. Then to my horror she reversed into the Harley. She pushed it upright from it being leant over on it’s stand towards her car and then she noticed it and pulled forward quickly. I ran out and very, very luckily there was no damage at all. Phew!

She was very apologetic. I’m sure she had a fright.

Too close for comfort though.

How may lives does a Harley have? One has definitely gone for sure.


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