Building houses…

18 Dec

A couple of weeks ago a person from the government in Westminster said it was time to build loads more houses and that it would be okay to develop building land from the current 9% of the available land in the UK up to 12%. The gnashing of teeth was immediate and loud as you would expect as the greenies were appalled at this.

Of course, as usual, they had missed the real point, which was much, much, more of a gnashing of teeth moment. In the UK the vast majority of the population, around 90%, currently live in 9% of the available land. 10% of the population live in 91% of the land available.

Houses are smaller in the UK than many European countries and tiny compared to most homes in USA and Australia, it’s not reached the issues they have in Japan but if no more land is made available in the UK we surely will.

So we need more homes, we need homes which are bigger space wise and that come with more land. How about garages that are actually big enough to put a car or two in and also roads that are wide enough to drive and park on?

Hey, lets really push the boat out and start building interesting houses? Not long lines of the same house with a little variation but different houses completely?

More homes built quickly and to a better quality standard would bring house prices down and would reduce the deposits banks require for people trying to get on and stay on the property ladder.

Will this happen? Of course not, far too many vested interests. Far too many

people trying to get as much money out of the system as they can, too many greenies worried about biodiversity but not the human species aspect obviously.

There’s enough land to go around and still make everyone happy surely?

But is there the will?

You’d think the lefties would want this solution would you not? More homes at better prices? You’d expect the Tories to want this since their mates would be providing working capital, mortgages and making profits from actually construction? The Libdems? Who knows and the greenies don’t want anything apart from taking us back in time when we lived off the land and were one with nature and there was food for all and everyone was cozy.


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