Tax tolls and trouble…

08 Jan

Wasn’t it nice to see that charming Mr Cameron and spiffing Mr Clegg laughing and joking and getting along famously during their mid term review of their coalition performance? Didn’t it give you a warm and cosy feeling knowing that these chaps are in charge of our country? Did you sleep better last night after watching them?

No. No. No.

Amongst all of the words uttered by them were a few words joined together which basically said that tolls would be introduced on roads to generate money to improve existing roads and build new ones. That’s good of them. Thinking about us all driving around without the need to consider roads that are pot holed and haven’t been upgraded for years.

But wait!  We already pay road tax for that do we not? The government charge us for yearly road tax whilst only using a small proportion of that money to actually invest in maintaining the roads we have and only improving the network marginally in general.

The charming Mr Cameron and the spiffing Mr Clegg want us to pay more and you can bet your last pound that they will not use all of the further monies raised for roads. Of course not. They’ll divert the funds collected as they see fit.

They say that it will only be for new roads or roads which are transformed significantly.

They say a lot of things, a lot of which don’t actually reflect their true intention.

We pay too much for using vehicles. Fuel duty with VAT on top is particularly disgusting, then we have the road license, vat on vehicles, vat on tyres and all repairs and parts, a charge on disposing of the oil when the vehicle is serviced… it just goes on and on.



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