The MET office say no global warming until after 2017!!!!

09 Jan

The MET Office have decided that there will be no further warming until after 2017. Their crystal ball must be back working again. That’ll be the one, which cost taxpayers £20 million then! Even the mega warmist Mr Hansen from NASA says it’s impossible to measure a global temperature and there has been no warming for 15 years or more.

2012 the wettest year on record? Really? So for around 150 years the data has been collected from the exact same sources at the exact same times and there have been no “adjustments” to the collected data at all? Oh wait there may have been a few changes and adjustments but the MET Office knows best what to say and do.

The BBC are happy to parrot this of course. They even mentioned the wet weather as being a sign of worse to come. How do they know? They don’t of course. They barely get the daily weather predictions right never mind what might happen in 5 days time never mind 5 weeks, 5 years or 5 decades.

The rain is due to climate change caused by us all according to the BBC and the MET Office. Evidence? Well there is none. Local climate change perhaps but due to things like building on flood plains, hemming in waterways and diverting waterways in one place and moving the problems of flooding somewhere else. Not really climate change more like weather doing what it always does. It’s a semi-chaotic system and humankind hasn’t much of a clue what goes on and no chance of taming it.

The BBC even made a reference to “climate change sceptics” this morning. Apparently sceptics are saying that the MET Office produced higher temperature results a few years ago making it look like warming was taking place and now we’re back to “normal”. Probably some have said that. I’d suggest that a lot, lot more have said that this global warming, climate change, climate disruption is complete dollop with no proof ever produced.

No doubt if it is a sunny summer we’ll be back on the global warming bandwagon again. If it’s cold we’ll be back on the climate change bandwagon.



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