The Brirish Environmental Broadcasting Corporation (BEBC)

23 Jan

If I hear the BBC going on about nature, the environment and weather/climate one more time I may well explode!

A few nights ago on the One Show that famous Dundonian actor Brian Cox was on. He was talking about a new film or a play or whatever. Aren’t the BBC not supposed to advertise? A lot of programmes both on BBC TV and radio seem to push a lot of people and their products?

During the programme they also showed a clip about people who were trying to stop a road being built in England somewhere. You can tell I was paying a lot of attention to the programme, NOT! Anyway, the clip showed a guy who had dug a tunnel, which he was living in, and which was right in the path of the new road. He and his co-protestors were all saying how no more of the countryside should be spoiled by roads etc. etc. etc. You’ve heard it all before.

Firstly 90% of the land in the UK is owned and lived on by 10% of the population and 90% of us live on the 10%, which is left. We get very, very little access to land and the countryside. No mention was made of this, obviously, by the protestors.

Brian Cox commented that he also thought that the countryside should be left as it is. No more roads he said.

He then went on to regal the viewers with a tale about how a scene from a movie he’d been making had not been filmed and they’d had to get him back to do it. No problem apparently. They laid on a private jet to fly him back to the other side of the planet where he did the filming and then flew him back again.

Just like a true luvvie leftie. We, the plebs have to look after the planet and suffer for it and the luvvie lefties pontificate about it and do their thing oblivious to their environmental overhead, which, like their ego is HUGE!

If the protestor wants to dig a hole and hide in it to stop road building that’s up to him and his mates. Whilst they are entitled to protest they place an unfair cost on the rest of us. Mind you it’s good for the protestors. 15 minutes of fame. Getting on the telly. Mentioned in newspapers.

Millions of pounds of taxpayers money down the drain.



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