Stop horsing around would you?

24 Jan

Some people quite enjoy the odd beef burger or bit of chicken etc. and why not? I know the health Nazis say to only eat one red meat meal a week and the chicken has loads of salmonella on it but both are reasonable sources of protein.

Now whilst some of these sorts of foods might be bad for us we are looked after by lots of people who make up the most wonderful regulations to help us remain healthy. It starts as soon as you enter your chosen food emporium. A man or a nice lady is dressed appropriately to serve you and is charged with keeping the work area really clean. When they cut your meat or chicken or even just lift up the bits you’ve asked for onto the scales or into a poke it’s untouched by naked human hands.

If you buy something pre-wrapped it’s the same or you trust that the system makes it so, you might get loads more packaging then you want which you then have to recycle but hey, it’s all for the best is it not?

If you buy something already pre-packed you can read all about the stuff that’s in it and you can also read about the calories, which are in it. That’s very helpful is it not? You don’t have to heed any of it, as paying customers or even adults we are still allowed to make our own decisions although some might wish to restrict that a teensy, weensy wee bit. Some very bad men might want to reduce our ability to make choices for ourselves much, much, much more but that’s another blog post entirely.

We take it as read that the food we get is pretty much what we expect it to be and if any supplier deviates from that they may well end up getting a dreadful spanking in the wallet department or even be invited to spend some time at her majesty’s pleasure where the showers may prove challenging shall we say.

So everything is fine. Well no it’s not. Just a few days ago we found out that horse meat had made its way into beef burgers and the like. I can’t say that I’d noticed. I may have avoided that addition. I don’t think that anyone has been hurt because of this so far. The professional offended are of course offended. It’s a whole world of difference eating dead animals within certain parameters but a different thing eating animals which are not deemed for such purposes due to cultural issues. That’s fine.

Yet there is another issue lurking out there in food production land. Meat and poultry sources have to go through certain processes of which one of the most important is being slaughtered in the right way. This is done within regulations which are aimed at ensuring the animal is subjected to the least level of stress and pain possible.

But now we have a proportion of meat and poultry going through the halal and kosher systems. I’ve not heard or read anything from the RSPCA on this subject and they are very, very vociferous generally now adays.

This came to my attention when I visited a fast food restaurant owned by a certain military chap. It’s not a place I tend to frequent but Mrs TT and I thought we’d give it a wee try. There was a big sign above the ordering points saying that all the chicken prepared was halal. Halal is not part of my culture and neither is kosher. I’m quite happy that those whose culture requires halal or kosher should continue as long as their methods of slaughter meet the required animal husbandry rules for animals in this country.

The food chain is probably prone to various abuses. The EU have probably made this worse as have the supermarkets as they drive prices down and by us all as we try to buy at prices which suit or pocket.

What will the next horror story be?

Who knows but I bet that the supermarkets are pretty ticked off, and just when beef burgers were positively galloping off the shelves as well…


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