How much more global warming, weirding and climate change can we put up with?

25 Jan

If you’ve been out recently you may well have noticed that global warming has been falling pretty quickly especially if you are in England and Wales. Global warming has been closing schools, causing accidents, making planes late and all manner of inconveniences to pretty much everyone.

The shock is, of course, that we were told that snow and cold winters were a thing of the past, that children would no longer go sledging and skiing would not be possible even way up high in the Scottish mountains. It looks like this isn’t the case.

It’s no surprise that things haven’t worked out as some of the climate alarmists thought it would. None and I mean NONE, not a single one, nada of their game console climate models has been even close to replicating or predicting what climate has been like in the past, been like what has happened with the climate since 1979 and what is actually happening on a day to day basis even now.

It wouldn’t be so bad if they were embarrassed or came on TV during the weather forecast and said sorry, sorry, sorry. It wouldn’t be so bad if the stupid, silly and arrogant additional charges that have been added to our energy bills to pay for windmills and the like had been stopped. It wouldn’t be so bad if the “scientists” stopped banging on about “facts” which have been proven time and time again to actually not being “facts”.

They might also like to explain that the only source of heat on Earth is the sun, that it is impossible for a warm body to transfer heat to a warmer body and that no one has ever, yes that’s right, EVER demonstrated the theory of “the greenhouse effect” in the atmosphere. They have in the lab in a test tube but it’s hardly the same thing is it?

Record weather events? Yawn. Even the greatest climate alarmist James Hansen of NASA fame admits it’s impossible to measure a global temperature. It’s virtually impossible to measure temperature at the same location at the same time and build up a record. Things change. These sites are supposed to meet standards, which remove elements that could influence the recordings. Badly cited, badly maintained and badly interpreted.

But you say “We saw it on the news”. Yes you will have as have I.  Do you remember the dreadful rain and flooding, which almost submerged some power stations in England a few years ago? Yes. The report on that flooding, which a government department prepared, found that the flooding was down to alterations made to river courses and building on the flood plains etc.

The BBC have a vested interest in reporting weather events as extreme and hyping up weather in partnership with the MET Office who have their spanking new coloured weather warnings.

Global warming is dead.

Get used to it.

By the way, when we are on the subject of snow. You may remember a blog last year when snow was the topic. I also bemoaned the fact that I’d bought a snow shovel for it to just hang in the shed. Being mean I could well have saved some of Mrs TTs money by not getting one at all as there wasn’t enough snow to use it.

Snow fell last weekend and I looked out the window and thought it might be snow shovel time. I looked out a few minutes after and noticed the snow was clearing by itself. Not long after the path was clear.

It may well be that the snow shovel has become some sort of mystic charm which is keeping the snow away. £12 for a mystic charm!!! That sounds like a bargain in anyone’s money!

I might offer the shovel to the Met Office of BBC Scotland. If it keeps snow away it’ll help them rant on about the figment, which is global warming or climate change.


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