Uniformly speaking…

26 Jan

I bang on about a lot of things and this is one of them.

Let me set the scene. I’ve already read the official biography of Steve Jobs, or Steve Jobbie if my Mac is playing up. I decided to read the unauthorised version also. It’s not been particularly shocking or providing new information.

However, there was a very telling picture of Steve at secondary school. Long hair, jeans and a colourful shirt, just what you would expect really. He was a free spirit after all. No uniforms at that school then. No uniformity. No conformity.

This also got me thinking about what the purpose of uniforms actually is, AGAIN!

Another visual prompt from a TV prog made me think a bit further. The prog was the first episode of Utopia. Utopia should not be viewed by people who want to understand what’s going on. Mrs TT is frighteningly bright but she can’t understand any of Utopia whilst I can sail through it whilst falling well within the dangerously dim category. It’s written by geeks who spend a lot of time on line following up on conspiracy theory stuff. That’s not me but I may dabble a bit. A very small bit. Really. Honest.

The prompt was the young boy who is to be very important in Utopias plot going into his school and standing at his open class door. The teacher doesn’t know who he is but his classmates recognise him. He hasn’t been to school much and he’s dirty and unkempt. All of the other kids in his class are in uniforms. They are clean, regimented, segmented, measured, steered…

Uniforms are handy for armies though? Well maybe not, maybe not anymore unless you’re trooping the colours and such like at Buckingham Palace etc. Our latest terrorist enemies, which we’ve funded, equipped and supported don’t wear uniforms. They do when they want to infiltrate our armies. No one shoots at them, they wear the same uniform as our troops. They shoot our troops however.

When is a uniform really handy? Maybe in a shop? You want help and you ask a person with a uniform because they know stuff or they should anyway. Maybe a badge would do the same thing. You see the badge and know the person wearing it works for the store. Unless… unless… they are from a competitor and have infiltrated the store to spread the wrong information to customers who need help but will end up not buying because they have been misled.

The Police? Well since they started to dress in a paramilitary style they seem less approachable. Their new uniform is to protect them from crims who have knives and guns. That’ll be the guns that are banned then. The guns that are available fairly easily to the crims who know that we, the law abiding public, do not have guns. That’s handy for them is it not?

The crims don’t wear uniforms either. They blend in.

Doctors wear, or used to anyway, white coats, which were really introduced to keep the blood, vomit and other unmentionables off their clothes. Seems pretty fair really. Now they have plastic peenies, which may be letting down the sartorial elegance which doctors at times display.

What about firemen? Well they wear protective gear so that when they go to put out old Mr Smiths chip pan fire around midnight on Friday night, they don’t scorch their body parts. That’s fair enough although fire fighters helmets have obviously become fashion accessories. Who gets to wear the brightest with the best badges on or who gets the silver shiny one?

Mind you the ladies may not be as attracted to firemen without their uniforms unless of course their house is ablaze etc. On second thoughts they’d probably be very keen on firemen not wearing uniforms. Good grief.

But I digress. I just can’t see a good enough reason for kids to wear school uniforms. They look cute? People know they are from a particular school? Are we really suggesting that we should keep all our kids the same so the poor ones don’t stand out from the rich ones? Kids are so much smarter than that.

But we are adults and we can make up our own minds. If you want your kid to wear a uniform, follow uniformity and generally conform carry on.

If you don’t then carry on also.

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