It’s Harley stopped snowing and raining for me to get out on the Harley.

27 Jan

It’s all very well having a big shiny Harley nestling in the garage when it should really be being used for the odd trip at least. It’s been way too cold, it’s either been raining or snowing, it’s been wet roads and when it has been dry the roads still had salt on them. Apart from that’s it’s just fine.

Well I say everything is fine but I did hit a further wee snag. I ordered a bike lift so I could jack the Harley up off the ground. It’s a heavy bike and that may well not sound a sound thing to do. The lift was delivered to next door and I had to go and retrieve it which was easier said than done given that it’s a heavy bit of kit.

I unpacked it in the house and then carried it down a few bits at a time and built it in the garage. It was freezing cold in the garage but needs must with the need being my cleaning of the Harley and doing a few bits and pieces on it. Once I built the lift I wheeled it over to the bike and positioned it appropriately. I then pulled the bike up to the vertical since it rests leaning to the left as it were.

No problem. I could easily hold the bike and manhandle the lift at the same time. Except it wouldn’t go under the bike as the bike was too low. My defence is that the bike is a new model and no one seemed to know it the lift would be okay or not.

Plan B then. I’ve a scaffolding baton, which I will cut a length off. I will then cut another smaller piece. The longer piece will then be cut from the edge at a reasonably shallow angle that will leave two small ramps.

I shall then place the ramps appropriately along with the other piece placed in the correct place for the side stand to sit on. The Harley will then be pushed onto the small ramps and I shall then position the lift under the bike and pump it up.

I shall then lock the lift and get the polish and cleaning stuff out and clean the bike to my standards. I shall also use a special pen to pick out the Harley Davidson lettering on each side of the tyres. OCD satisfied I shall feel more comfortable with the Harley which will be shiny and well presented.

This may well take place when the temperature reaches a point at which my fingers will not go white and freeze in a matter of seconds. This will also reduce the amount of bad language used due to said cold fingers being painful and not being much use for anything apart from placing on a warm body.

Harley Davidsons are cruisers, which, conjures up hot sunny days on a Californian cost highway. The reality of “cruising” in Scotland may well be a little bit different from that however.  No matter.

Harley Davidson owners are, according to non Harley motorcyclists, poseurs. This is backed up by the fact that the actual motorbike itself is not fast, does not make much use of modern technology and is less dynamic than modern motorcycles be they super sports, tourers, commuters, enduros, trials, motocross etc.

I bought the Harley because I LIKE them. I like America and Harleys are deeply rooted in the American culture. I really don’t care what people think about me owning a Harley or riding a Harley. I just like them. I own it because I want too.

Having said that I read a description of what Harley riders do when they “ride out” as it were. We ride to where we want to go and then we park. We then enter an emporium of some sort and sit at a table, which provides a very clear view of our Harley. We then partake of the emporiums offerings before riding back home. On arrival we may also careful clean the bike before tucking it back up in the garage or similar.

This is true. I have done it. Lots of guys do it.

Whilst Mrs TT has shown some disregard for the following idea I’ve had it will not stop me harbouring a desire to make it happen.

If at possible, and if I had enough room, I’d like to keep the Harley in the lounge or the dining room or a room laid aside for such a purpose. Why? To keep it warm dry and clean? Partially maybe. No that’s not the real answer. The real answer is – A Harley is a piece of art and should be recognised and enjoyed as such.

Wish me warm days and dry roads.


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