Wee Ecks windy army.

01 Feb

You really have to laugh.

The spectacle of lead greenie in the Scottish Parliament standing up to berate the SNP about them missing their 2010 carbon emission targets. You couldn’t make it up. Really.

Lets take a wee step backwards here and consider a couple of things. It’s generally accepted the the UK as whole emits around 2.8 % of the worlds carbon emissions. Let’s forget for a moment that this isn’t accurate and not based on dubious extrapolation. Okay 2.8% is the number.

Again let’s take it as read that Scotland’s emission figure will be 10% of the full UK amount, as it is for everything. So we’re looking at 0.28% of the worlds emissions. I mean come on. Do the greenies and Wee Ecks windy army really think that reducing an already tiny amount is going to change anything? I mean get real guys.

You remember the Leith swimming pool saga? The one were the lefty greenies want to reopen it as a community pool? The one that was closed because no one went? The one that will need to heat a huge amount of water and a large open space? Do they not think that this building will in fact spew out carbon dioxide at an enormous rate?

Of course they do but they will ignore because it suits them on this issue. Their business plan (figment and confirmed as a figment but here’s £100K of Edinburgh tax payers money to help turn it into a much better figment and take a year to do so) says they want to encourage deprived people and kids to go. Fair enough. They then say they will try to increase the spend per head of those who go. Really? What complete guff.

Wee Eck should immediately just admit that’s he’s got it wrong about global warming. Be brave. Be courageous. Be one of the first to make a stand. He won’t though. He’s a politician. Politicians are never wrong.

Wee Mr Harvey knew what he was doing. He manipulated the BBC to report his faux outburst. He got his gob on the telly. He doesn’t wear a tie though. Neither do I. But I don’t believe in gore bull warming and I’m not that keen on other gentlemen.

It could be worse. We could be having to put up with that nice Mr Cameron.

It could be even worserer. We could be having to put up with that nice Mr Clegg. No that’s too far a step. Wee Eck for Independence then bombed out because of his greenie leftie twaddle!

I may have to lie down in a dark room for a wee while.


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