Lockerbie and the Scottish justice system

02 Feb

Wasn’t it enjoyable to see our old friend valued colleague David Cameron in Libya. There he was showing how courageous he was to have gone there in the first place and how wonderful he had been, along with the French to support active regime change. A true world statesman? Perhaps not. This seems to be his jetting around the world period during which his stature will grow and je will be remembered as a great leader.

Perhaps not.

He was interviewed on the evening news and his speech to the adoring Libyans also covered in part. He was able to tell us that police from Scotland would be heading to Libya very soon to try to obtain more information and evidence of who was behind the Lockerbie bombing.

You may wish to follow this link.

You can make up your own mind as you are a responsible, thinking adult. Conspiracy theory? That’s become a label for those who wish to rubbish something which could be troublesome for them otherwise.

Should questions be asked of the Scottish justice system? Should questions be asked of the Scottish police? Should questions be asked of the senior politicians in Scotland at the time and their southern bosses?

Perhaps. Unlikely? Very.

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