What is the BBC for?

05 Feb

The other nights Countryfile for example.

Not long into the programme Tom Heap, one of the presenters was talking to a local farmer.  Apparently the weather was so wet he couldn’t put his cattle out onto the land he had. He summed up how bad things were by saying “what we need is a drought”. Tom Heap didn’t bat an eyelid at that.

Later on in the show the weatherman, who usually delivers the weather forecast for the following week was asked to explain why we are getting this really wet and cold weather? Yes you’ve guessed it he suggested that the Gulf Stream wasn’t behaving as it normally does, which may be down to “climate change”. The Gulf Stream is higher up the globe or lower down the globe so we are getting wet and cold weather.

The drought quote is incredible. Twelve months ago we were being told that a water pipe ban would have to go on for a year or more. Now we don’t need a water pipe ban we need a drought. Tom Heap is great at heaping doom and gloom on pretty much every piece he does. He doesn’t come out and say it but it’s all down to you and me using energy, driving cars, over consuming etc.

Whether the Gulf Stream is doing what it should or not is really wide of the mark anyway. I think there maybe a clue as to why our weather is colder or wetter or windier this year and over the past few years. The sun has been “quieter” over the last few years and since it’s the sole provider of heat/energy to the earth then it’s likely that there is a connection. It may well get worse but it may well get better. Who knows? Mystic Meg has the same chance as the “climate scientists” that’s for sure.

No one knows. No one knows what the weather is going to be like in 5-7 days time, far less in a few weeks, months or years. Weather is semi chaotic and as such it will do what it wants and all we can do is watch and react.

I’ve no doubt that the farmer was pretty ticked by the weather and also frustrated that the weather people couldn’t really help him at all. I’m sure he’s probably signed up to climate change/global warming. He may well contemplate throwing up a number of windmills, which will bring him in a shed load of cash for some time to come.

Weather changes from year to year. Farmers have always had to cope with whatever happens. Maybe they get used to warmer and less weather in the 1990s and haven’t been able to be as flexible as they used to be when it’s wet and colder?

IT will always be down to climate change as far as the BBC is concerned, however. It is one of their main mantras.

And we can’t do anything about it apart from switching off or watching other channels but we pay for the BBC. Doh!


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