That nice Mr Gove…

09 Feb

That nice Mr Gove got a bit of a kicking in the palace of Westminster. Various thugs had a go at him whilst the cameras were rolling. Apparently Police are going through the footage to identify the assailants but so far they have made little process as the officers watching the videos keep falling asleep.

And who would blame them?

Lets be fair here shall we?

Gove has been trying his best to nudge education away from dumbing down and the “everyone is a winner” mentality, which has been eroding education in the west for years now. That’s not to say that he may have become a bit over-ambitious right enough.

But then consider the opposition.

The exam body in England – are they not interested in driving higher standards of learner/pupil/student knowledge and ability?

Teachers unions – Teachers need someone to protect them but is a union the right type of organisation to do so? Do the teaching unions not want teachers to have a better structure in which to teach a better quality of appropriate content?

Teachers themselves? – Do teachers not want to divest themselves of all the paperwork and tiresome meetings etc. and solely spend their time helping the learner/pupil/student achieve more?

Parents? – Do they want their children to achieve real, worthwhile and needed knowledge and skills, which will allow them to get a great job?

Gove is trying to steer education to deliver all of the above. Okay maybe at times the way he goes about it isn’t ideal but he is trying to push back decades of leftie “everyone is the same” tosh.

Our society is shockingly imbalanced and I didn’t see Labour do anything to address that as their history suggests they should have. In fact they made it worse.

Perhaps a return to exam only assessment is too much of a step. That’s not because I think it should never happen. It’s more like I would like each learner/pupil/student to be taught to “learn in a way that allows them to make the most of themselves. It’s ludicrous that our children go to school and the system is the same for almost them all.

They are individuals. They are precious because of this. Our greatest steps in achieving new ways of doing things come from individuals who go and look and try and succeed. Teams rarely achieve this if ever. Sporting teams sometimes do but only because the team and the back up staff is full of individuals, all of whom have to step up to the mark every time they perform.

Mr Gove should be applauded and encouraged and questions should be asked of other governmental ministers as to why they are not trying to get their departments to achieve significant change which would benefit us all.

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