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What is the BBC for?

The other nights Countryfile for example.

Not long into the programme Tom Heap, one of the presenters was talking to a local farmer.  Apparently the weather was so wet he couldn’t put his cattle out onto the land he had. He summed up how bad things were by saying “what we need is a drought”. Tom Heap didn’t bat an eyelid at that.

Later on in the show the weatherman, who usually delivers the weather forecast for the following week was asked to explain why we are getting this really wet and cold weather? Yes you’ve guessed it he suggested that the Gulf Stream wasn’t behaving as it normally does, which may be down to “climate change”. The Gulf Stream is higher up the globe or lower down the globe so we are getting wet and cold weather.

The drought quote is incredible. Twelve months ago we were being told that a water pipe ban would have to go on for a year or more. Now we don’t need a water pipe ban we need a drought. Tom Heap is great at heaping doom and gloom on pretty much every piece he does. He doesn’t come out and say it but it’s all down to you and me using energy, driving cars, over consuming etc.

Whether the Gulf Stream is doing what it should or not is really wide of the mark anyway. I think there maybe a clue as to why our weather is colder or wetter or windier this year and over the past few years. The sun has been “quieter” over the last few years and since it’s the sole provider of heat/energy to the earth then it’s likely that there is a connection. It may well get worse but it may well get better. Who knows? Mystic Meg has the same chance as the “climate scientists” that’s for sure.

No one knows. No one knows what the weather is going to be like in 5-7 days time, far less in a few weeks, months or years. Weather is semi chaotic and as such it will do what it wants and all we can do is watch and react.

I’ve no doubt that the farmer was pretty ticked by the weather and also frustrated that the weather people couldn’t really help him at all. I’m sure he’s probably signed up to climate change/global warming. He may well contemplate throwing up a number of windmills, which will bring him in a shed load of cash for some time to come.

Weather changes from year to year. Farmers have always had to cope with whatever happens. Maybe they get used to warmer and less weather in the 1990s and haven’t been able to be as flexible as they used to be when it’s wet and colder?

IT will always be down to climate change as far as the BBC is concerned, however. It is one of their main mantras.

And we can’t do anything about it apart from switching off or watching other channels but we pay for the BBC. Doh!


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David Cameron, world statesman in waiting

Call me Dave is a pretty clever and talented man. He’s been demonstrating this recently as I’m sure you will have noticed.

Exhibit one.

Dave addressed a class of Liberian children. I don’t know if they could speak English but I doubt they would have understood one way or another. A photo opportunity more than anything else? World statesman in the making? Snigger.

Exhibit two.

Dave gives away more of the money that the UK doesn’t have to Libya this time. Good move Dave. How long will it be before some of the Libyan rebels who are now the government there construct a Muslim state with Sharia Law? Democracy? Equality?

Exhibit three.

Dave is upsetting his own party members at a tremendous rate. He must feel very proud of that. The main issue is the gay marriage legislation or the legislation to provide tax reductions for married couples. Dave feels that the gay marriage thing is more important.

Exhibit four.

Dave finally gave his EU speech. It’s all about the future. It’s not about now. Vote for Dave at the next election and he will deliver a YES/NO referendum. Wait a minute has he not promised something very similar two and bit years ago? Is this the canvassing started for the 2015 elections is it? Maybe a previous Dave?

Exhibit five.

Dave has had some of his chums tell us all about how horrible life would be if the UK left the EU. It’s remarkable that that the unionists say the same stuff to Scotland, doom and gloom, frighten people and keep the status quo.

Exhibit six.

I definitely heard Dave say that the Coalition had reduced the debt by 25%. It kind of looks like Dave doesn’t know the difference between the budget deficit and UK debt? Either he doesn’t and he’s a fool or he does and he’s misleading people?

Exhibit seven.

His good mate and one trick pony chancellor, the esteemed George Osbourne, says there will be no change in fiscal policy. Dave likes giving our hard earned cash away to “poor third world countries”. But we’ve been doing this for years and years and years Dave with little to show for it.

Exhibit eight.

Dave has an eye on the next election or I should say winning the next election. This seems pretty ludicrous right now. It looks increasingly like his own grass roots supporters are turning away in droves.

Exhibit nine.

Dave is increasing the number of troops heading to Mali. Just for training purposes of course. No combat missions will be carried out. How long will it be before the body bags start coming into Brize Norton to be sneaked out the back gate? Any chance that the insurgents might use the same tactics in Mali as they have been doing in Afghanistan? IEDs? Shootings by insurgents dressed as Mali trainees?

Exhibit ten.

Daves father in law works as an advisor to William Hague and is about to take up a post helping to sell Kuwaits oil for them? Cronyism writ large maybe?

Things wouldn’t be so bad if there was a viable alternative. There is you say? What that Labour chap Milliband? Get real. He’s actually managed to position him and his party to the right of the Conservatives. Not to mention that he seems to have little in the way of policies and not a lot of experience and skill within his party to draw on.

No matter. Dave can rely on Nick Clegg and his adhesive (like those labels that are so stubborn to come off something you bought and it takes ages, a lot of bad language and several attempts for you to scrap it off) members of the current coalition to support him. Nick said only last week that they are looking for ways for the coalition to remain following the next election. I don’t think Dave will be too excited about that although come the time they will do another deal to stay in power of they have to.

Power is all.



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Where’s the payback Splashback?

The deal is that an under performing asset is to be sold off for £1.5 million pounds and significant overhead savings totalling another £4 million over the next twenty years in subsidies. This is written into Edinburgh Council operational plans with £1 million of the proceeds of the sale going towards the renovation of the Commonwealth Pool.

Yes I’m still banging on about Waterworld in Leith. The leisure pool has been closed for a year now and the Splashback group have had support to form an offer and build a realistic business plan. Last week saw this going to The Councillors who were evaluating the bid which has been dragging on for at least a year so far. The bid has made little progress although a business plan has been completed which doesn’t address any of the issues required to demonstrate that the group could successfully operate a challenging business.

Challenging. Yes. There’s a simple way of evaluating the success of any business. Does it make a profit? Not a huge profit just enough to build a rainy day fall back fund, continue to invest in the plant and machinery which needs to be maintained and replaced and use some of the profit to further support the growth of the business. Simple.

Except it isn’t. It’s even harder when you are planning to operate a leisure pool. Why? Well how many private facilities which are not subsidised, such as Waterworld, have you seen on your travels? Well none, none that are privately owned. There may be smaller facilities, which are a bit similar, but none of the scale of Waterworld. Why? Very simple. It is almost impossible to operate such a facility and get customers to pay enough to break even never mind make a profit.

Gym and hotel pools? An amount of money is added to the membership fees or to the room rates to cover the cost of gyms and pools etc. If they don’t make money they are gone. Simple.

Council run gyms, sports facilities, athletic stadiums, pools etc. never make money. They are subsidised. All council tax payers subsidise these facilities and the people who use them.

I’m not going to discus the pros and cons of subsidising. I’m certain that Splashback will be seeking as many subsidies as they possibly can get. Where will these subsidies come from? Take a wild guess? From taxpayers. Either directly from government or via various part government funded charities.

You think I am misleading you? The Councillors decided at the meeting last week, against the advice if their officers, that Splashback should be given £100,000 and twelve months to fully develop their plan. If the plan is good they will be given £350,000 over three years to “help” run Waterworld. So that’s almost half a million pounds of taxpayers money.

But it doesn’t end there. Oh no. Remember the £1 million, which was earmarked to go towards the upgrade of the Commonwealth pool? Obviously that won’t be forthcoming. No problem though. The council will borrow a million to meet the shortfall. Now when I say that the council will borrow the money that’s not true. The Edinburgh taxpayers will be the ones borrowing the money and they will also pay all of the instalments including the interest.

The only question I have is WHY?

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Lockerbie and the Scottish justice system

Wasn’t it enjoyable to see our old friend valued colleague David Cameron in Libya. There he was showing how courageous he was to have gone there in the first place and how wonderful he had been, along with the French to support active regime change. A true world statesman? Perhaps not. This seems to be his jetting around the world period during which his stature will grow and je will be remembered as a great leader.

Perhaps not.

He was interviewed on the evening news and his speech to the adoring Libyans also covered in part. He was able to tell us that police from Scotland would be heading to Libya very soon to try to obtain more information and evidence of who was behind the Lockerbie bombing.

You may wish to follow this link.

You can make up your own mind as you are a responsible, thinking adult. Conspiracy theory? That’s become a label for those who wish to rubbish something which could be troublesome for them otherwise.

Should questions be asked of the Scottish justice system? Should questions be asked of the Scottish police? Should questions be asked of the senior politicians in Scotland at the time and their southern bosses?

Perhaps. Unlikely? Very.

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Wee Ecks windy army.

You really have to laugh.

The spectacle of lead greenie in the Scottish Parliament standing up to berate the SNP about them missing their 2010 carbon emission targets. You couldn’t make it up. Really.

Lets take a wee step backwards here and consider a couple of things. It’s generally accepted the the UK as whole emits around 2.8 % of the worlds carbon emissions. Let’s forget for a moment that this isn’t accurate and not based on dubious extrapolation. Okay 2.8% is the number.

Again let’s take it as read that Scotland’s emission figure will be 10% of the full UK amount, as it is for everything. So we’re looking at 0.28% of the worlds emissions. I mean come on. Do the greenies and Wee Ecks windy army really think that reducing an already tiny amount is going to change anything? I mean get real guys.

You remember the Leith swimming pool saga? The one were the lefty greenies want to reopen it as a community pool? The one that was closed because no one went? The one that will need to heat a huge amount of water and a large open space? Do they not think that this building will in fact spew out carbon dioxide at an enormous rate?

Of course they do but they will ignore because it suits them on this issue. Their business plan (figment and confirmed as a figment but here’s £100K of Edinburgh tax payers money to help turn it into a much better figment and take a year to do so) says they want to encourage deprived people and kids to go. Fair enough. They then say they will try to increase the spend per head of those who go. Really? What complete guff.

Wee Eck should immediately just admit that’s he’s got it wrong about global warming. Be brave. Be courageous. Be one of the first to make a stand. He won’t though. He’s a politician. Politicians are never wrong.

Wee Mr Harvey knew what he was doing. He manipulated the BBC to report his faux outburst. He got his gob on the telly. He doesn’t wear a tie though. Neither do I. But I don’t believe in gore bull warming and I’m not that keen on other gentlemen.

It could be worse. We could be having to put up with that nice Mr Cameron.

It could be even worserer. We could be having to put up with that nice Mr Clegg. No that’s too far a step. Wee Eck for Independence then bombed out because of his greenie leftie twaddle!

I may have to lie down in a dark room for a wee while.


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