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Unionists, submarines and the black oil…

I have a huge concern as to how the YES campaign are going to pursue their campaign to ensure that Scotland stays within the union.

You must have seen the Scottish news over the last few days, which showed Westminster government ministers crowing about BP throwing money at finding more oil in the UK sector of the North Sea. BP were taking a risk of course doing this. All those millions they’d need to throw at it and it could all go wrong you know.

Crap, crap crap…

BP know exactly what they are going to find, where it is and how much there is. Oil companies don’t do much in the way of funding exploration with little idea of what they can expect nowadays.

If you’ve been to Aberdeen recently you’ll have noticed that there is a growing buzz about the place. Things are happening and the benefits are already being felt and that’s going to spread soon enough.

My real question then – what depths, sorry terrible pun, will Westminster and the UK establishment go to hang onto the oil and their nuclear sub base? The loss of a significant amount of the oil revenues would surely have a negative impact on their standing in the world? Would they still be able to attend G8 events for example? Since it’s based on GDP economic standing they might be barred?

What about their currency? The pound? The value of the pound is surely based in part with the oil revenues is it not? How will they sort that?

The BBC along with the Yes campaign, Westminster, the English establishment and probably the EU are all lining up to make a yes vote very difficult indeed.

Wee Eck and Nippy Sturgeon aren’t exactly making it easy for the voters in Scotland are they? They seem to be pursuing the same policies which the Labour party in Scotland has been doing for decades which have not only failed but have actually made things worse rather than better. How will that help?

Why do Eck and Nippy stick to the Global Warming claptrap that is DEAD IN THE WATER? It was never a long term bet because it was based on lies. assumptions and fake science. Throwing more money at “renewables” just isn’t going to work out well.

Social justice? Just what exactly is social justice? We need it apparently. Maybe it will help people who need help? Maybe it will further increase the number of public service workers? And wee need that like we need a hole in the head do we not?

The oil revenues provide an opportunity to build an economy, which will reduce public employment and greatly increase jobs in the private sector. Quality jobs which pay well will do more for helping people than anything else.

But will the unionists allow any of this?

I have my doubts. Some of them grave.


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Only the best will do…

Well where to start?

Light can be seen although it’s greyish and cold mostly. I’ll make an effort to get blogging again. Honest.

I had a letter from Nicola the other day. You know who I mean? That nice wee weegie wummin who is Wee Ecks right hand person. She is pushing for the YES vote for the Scottish Independence Referendum.

Well the letter also contained a four page leaflet and one of the articles was about encouraging more women into politics. A quota is being worked out and women will be able to attend women only events to make sure that equality is recognised.

Impossible on more than one front. First up I’d like to say I like ladies. It’s a male thing. Most chaps tend to like ladies although some chaps prefer laddies but that’s a completely different story.

Anyway, quotas don’t work. Oh yes they do you say. Well maybe as a means of maintaining a quota and so satisfy a numeric target. They don’t work though because the true aim of a committee or a board or any sort of talking shop is of course to have the best people who can do the best job in place and quotas don’t allow this.

Of course women sometimes don’t reach where they should be but it’s the same for guys.

Only the best will do.

If you would like to see quotas in action take a look at the fetching women who speak on behalf of the Labour party in Scotland for example. Only the best will do? Really? And the definition of best is being female and being the best because they think they need to act more aggressively than men.

There is not an organisation of any description anywhere on this planet which can afford not to have the best possible people in all levels to ensure the organisations future. Simple.

We have all worked with guys and ladies who were a nightmare. We have also worked with men and ladies who were terrific. A quota system does not support the latter.

Equality means what it says on the tin.

That is we are all equal. It is safeguarded by other regulations, which deal with issues, which lead to people of both sexes being passed over etc. for reasons which do not meet equality requirements. Again we have all seen this.

Only the best will do.

That’s not being elitists either. We can’t all be pop stars, film stars, football players, etc. etc. Lots of us are good at what we do and helping people find the best job, which suits their needs, is what is needed rather than quotas.


I’ll be heading for the dark room in which I shall be laying down in shortly.


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Government headless chickens…

Intermittent blogging at the moment. This is down to work and to a degree of that helpless feeling we bloggers sometimes enjoy when we realise we know a lot and part of that knowledge exposes the size of the challenge whilst recognising the odds stacked against us.

The continuing attempt by the coalition to reign in welfare spending, the bedroom tax and potential further immigration have been on my mind recently. They are all parts of the same malaise.

That Spectator chap, who was on Question Time recently, said “the UK had the most expensive poverty in the world”. He wasn’t wrong. The attempts to address this by the coalition expose the level of intellect we are dealing with. Start of at low and keep heading down.

Reduce benefits and get people working. Very few people would take issue with that but of course there is a huge flaw in this. The immigration of the past few years has had an enormous impact on the jobs market. If hundreds of thousands of immigrants come here and find jobs doesn’t that reduce the chance of the indigenous unemployed finding work? Let’s set aside those who don’t wish to work or are very keen to milk the welfare state. They can be dealt with in other ways.

More immigration will make the situation worse.


Too many people chasing very few jobs results in pay being reduced. Simple.

Penalising people who are unemployed because immigrants are gaining jobs is contemptible.

The Bedroom Tax is also pretty nasty. People have spare rooms and it’s only fitting that they should downsize to allow families who need bigger houses to benefit. IF THEY WANT TO!!!!

The government talks about houses when in fact what they are talking about are HOMES! People live in a community with friends and neighbours and sometimes have their families living close by. Moving people, especially the elderly, can have a huge negative effect on their lives.

Build more houses? 90% of us live in 10% of the land available in the UK. The price of land is also a real issue. The less land available the higher the price will be. The fewer houses available the more expensive houses will be.

This is fast turning into the supply and demand blog!

Further immigration is completely ridiculous to the extent that the government is stopping people coming to the UK who will be beneficial to the economy whilst allowing people in who are low skilled instead. Sigh.

I’ll be heading for a lie down in that darkened room again then.


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