Government headless chickens…

06 Mar

Intermittent blogging at the moment. This is down to work and to a degree of that helpless feeling we bloggers sometimes enjoy when we realise we know a lot and part of that knowledge exposes the size of the challenge whilst recognising the odds stacked against us.

The continuing attempt by the coalition to reign in welfare spending, the bedroom tax and potential further immigration have been on my mind recently. They are all parts of the same malaise.

That Spectator chap, who was on Question Time recently, said “the UK had the most expensive poverty in the world”. He wasn’t wrong. The attempts to address this by the coalition expose the level of intellect we are dealing with. Start of at low and keep heading down.

Reduce benefits and get people working. Very few people would take issue with that but of course there is a huge flaw in this. The immigration of the past few years has had an enormous impact on the jobs market. If hundreds of thousands of immigrants come here and find jobs doesn’t that reduce the chance of the indigenous unemployed finding work? Let’s set aside those who don’t wish to work or are very keen to milk the welfare state. They can be dealt with in other ways.

More immigration will make the situation worse.


Too many people chasing very few jobs results in pay being reduced. Simple.

Penalising people who are unemployed because immigrants are gaining jobs is contemptible.

The Bedroom Tax is also pretty nasty. People have spare rooms and it’s only fitting that they should downsize to allow families who need bigger houses to benefit. IF THEY WANT TO!!!!

The government talks about houses when in fact what they are talking about are HOMES! People live in a community with friends and neighbours and sometimes have their families living close by. Moving people, especially the elderly, can have a huge negative effect on their lives.

Build more houses? 90% of us live in 10% of the land available in the UK. The price of land is also a real issue. The less land available the higher the price will be. The fewer houses available the more expensive houses will be.

This is fast turning into the supply and demand blog!

Further immigration is completely ridiculous to the extent that the government is stopping people coming to the UK who will be beneficial to the economy whilst allowing people in who are low skilled instead. Sigh.

I’ll be heading for a lie down in that darkened room again then.


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