Unionists, submarines and the black oil…

31 Mar

I have a huge concern as to how the YES campaign are going to pursue their campaign to ensure that Scotland stays within the union.

You must have seen the Scottish news over the last few days, which showed Westminster government ministers crowing about BP throwing money at finding more oil in the UK sector of the North Sea. BP were taking a risk of course doing this. All those millions they’d need to throw at it and it could all go wrong you know.

Crap, crap crap…

BP know exactly what they are going to find, where it is and how much there is. Oil companies don’t do much in the way of funding exploration with little idea of what they can expect nowadays.

If you’ve been to Aberdeen recently you’ll have noticed that there is a growing buzz about the place. Things are happening and the benefits are already being felt and that’s going to spread soon enough.

My real question then – what depths, sorry terrible pun, will Westminster and the UK establishment go to hang onto the oil and their nuclear sub base? The loss of a significant amount of the oil revenues would surely have a negative impact on their standing in the world? Would they still be able to attend G8 events for example? Since it’s based on GDP economic standing they might be barred?

What about their currency? The pound? The value of the pound is surely based in part with the oil revenues is it not? How will they sort that?

The BBC along with the Yes campaign, Westminster, the English establishment and probably the EU are all lining up to make a yes vote very difficult indeed.

Wee Eck and Nippy Sturgeon aren’t exactly making it easy for the voters in Scotland are they? They seem to be pursuing the same policies which the Labour party in Scotland has been doing for decades which have not only failed but have actually made things worse rather than better. How will that help?

Why do Eck and Nippy stick to the Global Warming claptrap that is DEAD IN THE WATER? It was never a long term bet because it was based on lies. assumptions and fake science. Throwing more money at “renewables” just isn’t going to work out well.

Social justice? Just what exactly is social justice? We need it apparently. Maybe it will help people who need help? Maybe it will further increase the number of public service workers? And wee need that like we need a hole in the head do we not?

The oil revenues provide an opportunity to build an economy, which will reduce public employment and greatly increase jobs in the private sector. Quality jobs which pay well will do more for helping people than anything else.

But will the unionists allow any of this?

I have my doubts. Some of them grave.


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