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Weather without you JR?

How can I say this in a delicate manner? Here goes…

Ladies, if you are having problems with conception why not apply to BBC Scotland as a weather presenter? One lady, from the two who started recently is now “expecting” and recent history shows three more babies of which one lady went on “to be with child“ twice.

Judith Ralston has been blossoming. No more “expecting” but lots of new outfits and, and, and… she was let out side this week!

The rugby sevens were on in Melrose. Lots of posh boy, swarthy rugby players with six packs and thundering thighs. I’m sure none of that would have been of any interest to Judith. She is only interested in her viewing public.

Recently she has been a vision in white, black, green and more. She even wore trousers the other evening although she maintained footwear designed to appeal to fellows who take a particular message from such items.

Now that JR has been out and about she may well be given a summer brief to travel the length and breadth of this fine country of ours. She could present the weather from a differing location every evening, sharing her talents countrywide.

Perhaps she could be given an opportunity to add a bit of local colour to the weather? Telling us of the benefits of visiting the place she is at as it were and how the local area weather manifests itself.

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M Thatcher RIP

I remember it well. A Friday morning in 1979. I was up a bit earlier and put the TV on to get the results of the general election before I went to work.

The Tories were in and Maggie was at the helm. I had a sinking feeling. Five years of them. Dread.

Things hadn’t been going well in the economy when I’d left school in 1975 and the timing wasn’t that great. You see at that time full employment was coming to an end. It was a big change. I was lucky and walked into a job with the Clydesdale Bank and spent the next 3.5 years working with them.

The Tories stuff was slow to gain traction but it did. Things changed. Maggies way was more about people taking responsibility for them selves and trying to deal with the unions who had been creating havoc with strikes all over the place. Teachers, miners, council workers… just about every area of our lives in the first part of the 1970s were blighted by strike after strike after strike. Power cuts were hard to deal with. Try reading with a single candle light. It was a good job we still had a coal fire.

Now the charge is that Maggie destroyed mining, shipbuilding, steel making etc. and I’d have to agree that she did. But, and it’s a big but, after she left office and the Tories finally made way for a Labour government I don’t remember Labour getting behind all the heavy and traditional industries.

As I’ve previously mentioned the Poll tax wasn’t a problem for me. I’ll still argue the point that the central part of it, which ensured that everyone pay something was a good thing. When I said it wasn’t a problem for me it was because the Poll tax saved me money. I’d worked damn hard to be successful and I’d done it honestly and without doing anyone down.

Why shouldn’t I enjoy the fruits of my labour?

I sometimes work down in Greenock. Whilst there are nice parts there are also parts, which are not nice in any shape or form although a lot of decent people live in them. The people in the Greenock area and most of the entire west of Scotland have voted Labour for decades. Labour have done nothing, let me repeat NOTHING to help them. NOTHING to repay all the years of decline. NOTHING to bring real jobs and prospects for those voters.

They have FAILED to deliver the great Labour aim of each successive generation being a bit better off than the last. Shame on them.

The party held in Glasgow to celebrate the demise of Maggie was a disgrace for Scotland. Most of the people there were not even born when Maggie was doing her thing. What would they know?

But of course they are the left, those who spout all the claptrap about social justice and the like.  We don’t want social justice we want lower taxes so we can make our own decisions about how much and on what we want to spend OUR money. We want decent quality jobs, which pay well, and we want the chance to see our families better us.

Of course the LEFT will shout down anyone who dares to disagree with their views. That’s called fascism. Remove peoples voice, restrict what they can say, stop them having any say at all.

By all means take exception to my views. Challenge me. Bear in mind I’m a fourth generation Labour voter or I was until recently. The Tories are out of touch with the working man and so are Labour and the LibDems and the SNP and the rest.

Let the woman be laid to rest in peace. Leave her family to grieve.

We badly need a leader of some standing and morality.

It isn’t going to happen any time soon.

Is it?

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Why has the BBC got it in for Glasgow Rangers FC.

Dodgy dealings at Rangers. The BBC are all over it, just like a rash in fact. There’s rarely a night goes by when BBC Scotland News football correspondents haven’t been given a copy of a secret document or a secret recording.

They relish all of these “leaks”. I should point out that I am no fan of Rangers or Celtic. I keep an eye on East Stirling, that’s as far as my footballing interest goes, but I digress.

It might be a bit more useful for the BBC to be reporting on the shambles, which is the SFA and the Premiere League, but of course that isn’t their agenda.

Scottish Football is a joke. The league system doesn’t work. Teams are playing each other three times or more and sometimes even more due to cup competitions etc. a season. It’s boring.

The complaint used to be that there were so many games, which didn’t have any real value although the teams used to play each other just twice in their league each season. You could also make a good case for football to be played in the summer months in Scotland also. Who wants to go to a cold and wet football stadium instead of football stadium bathed in sunshine and reasonable temperatures?

I don’t think it would matter if we went back to the two-division system. Meaningless games? That’s because there is no incentive. If each position in a league carried a bonus payment with the highest bonus being for the winning team and then a sliding scale of bonus amounts for all the other positions in the league from top to bottom that might help fire people up a bit. Maybe they could also get money for all the goals they scored in a season, maybe even another bonus for the number of points achieved also? Points mean prizes apparently.

It also seems just ridiculous that they don’t have enough money to have technology, which shows whether the ball is behind the goal line or not. Amateurish really.

The leagues need Rangers and Celtic to be at their best. Rangers being in the third division this year has attracted ten times as many fans. Yes this will be down to the games at Ibrox but the other grounds will have grown also. That was good for their league but bad for the teams, which might have been promoted this year if Rangers hadn’t ended up there

Why does Scottish football penalise the clubs who have financial issues? They make the situation worse.

Get a grip guys. Climb out of the sixties? Stop being so parochial.

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The MET, the BBC and the Gulf Stream

You may have noticed that the weather has been improving? At last! Global warming has provided very cold winters for a number of years now and the temperature hasn’t changed much in 17 years. It’s all still the fault of humans apparently.

The latest MET and BBC meme is that the Gulf Stream is too for down south or too high up north. That means we get hard winters and crap summers. Based on what though? Where’s the science?

In this case it’s very, very simple. Think about it. How would the MET and the BBC know where the gulf stream is at? Well they can get satellite pictures from space and that lets them see where the gulf stream is. Simple. Well it would be if they had hundreds of years of records and pictures of where the gulf stream had been at.

They only have pictures from 1979 because that’s when satellites became available to them.

How can they spout all this crap about the effect of the gulf stream and where it’s position has been? They only have 40 years or so of records. That’s a lot you say?

I mean, come on, that is nothing. Nada. A mere fraction of a fraction of a millisecond in the history of the earth, which is measured in billions of years.

The MET and the BBC will just not let go of their  global warming meme. No matter that almost on a daily basis there are papers and other scientific stuff being produced and reported which proves the fallacy that global warming is.

Shame on them.

Their central theory is that the more carbon dioxide there is in the atmosphere the warmer temperatures will become. How?

Well “forcings” cause the temperatures to rise. Each molecule of CO2 absorbs energy from the sun and then radiates not just the energy received but a bit more too. This has never been proven. It breaks the laws of thermodynamics. Not only does the amount of energy radiated grow (this is like a perpetual motion machine) the energy has the ability to heat up other bodies which are in fact warmer.  Good grief.

If that wasn’t enough complete guff they have more. Not one of the 24 chosen climate models has been able to match historical records never mind correctly predict how climate has actually behaved recently.  There’s also the greenhouse effect, which traps heat within our atmosphere. Except this has never, that is NEVER been observed outside a glass test tube in a lab. Just to also clarify, the oceans are not becoming acidic, they are becoming less alkali a different thing entirely.

Honesty in science, education and politics is well overdue. All three are simply laughing stocks.  They have eroded the trust and respect people had for them. Medicine is not that far behind either.

And we let them get away with this?


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The increase in lung cancer rates.

A few nights ago wee gem on the One Show fell into the elephant in the room category. Yes, there was still the greenie guff and the social absolute guff but there was a pretty surprising article provided by none other than Robert Peston. You’ll have to imagine him speaking in that strange delivery he has perfected, loud and quiet along with slow and fast. It’ll be in your head by now.

Robert lost his wife recently. She died of cancer although that won’t be what is recorded on the death certificate. Specifically she died of lung cancer. It doesn’t matter who you are, how much money you have or how famous you are, losing someone very close to you is painful and difficult and it will have been very, very difficult time for Robert and his family. In fact he has been ill himself and he looks as if he has lost weight.

Anyway, he contributed this item on the One Show last evening. It was based around the fact that lung cancer is killing a lot more people now who don’t and have never, smoked. Experts, don’t you just love them, admit they know little about lung cancer, a fact that has been obvious for some time.

Robert was suggesting that screening should take place in an effort to identify this terrible disease and reduce the growing death toll. Well, I’d be inclined to suggest that mass screening for lung cancer would be as ineffective as breast and cervical cancer screening which provide far more false positives than it should resulting in healthy women who are traumatised by being told they have cancers they don’t actually have and suffer surgery they don’t need.

Robert also pointed out that the amount of money spent on research on lung cancer is a pittance compared to breast cancer etc. more money should be spent on lung cancer research – rent seekers should apply now as a new band wagon is fast approaching.

It’s elephant time now. The reason that there has been so little research done on lung cancer is because everyone knows what causes it in the first place. We’ve all been told that it’s smoking that causes it. Simple, but wait! Roberts’s wife never smoked! Neither have the vast majority of lung cancer sufferers. Second-hand smoke then? It has to be! Well, as any sensible person knows there is no such thing and no-one knows anyone who has died of second-hand smoke, or of toxins sneakily hiding on furniture etc. etc.

The increasing death rates for lung cancer are down to one single thing. The medical, scientific and anti-smoking establishments have decreed that lung cancer is caused by smoking – end off. It isn’t as simple as that, it never was and it never will be. You may also be aware that the grisly pictures a lot of us were shown at school, of a normal lung, nice and pink and a smokers lung, black and nasty were in fact props which had nothing to do with reality. A medical lung expert has to use a microscope to be able to tell if a lung in front of them has belonged to a smoker or not.

Also bear in mind that around 30% of all transplanted lungs come from SMOKERS!!!!!!

At this point you’ll be thinking that I’m a smoker but I’m not, which really disappoints my Doctor no end. I’m not and never have been. My Dad was and so were most of his friends and relatives. I thought the smoking ban was a good idea but it obviously isn’t. It persecutes a segment of our society for no reason and provides no benefit to ANYONE.

It’s long overdue that the ban is thrown out. If a pub, restaurant or anywhere else for that matter wants to allow smoking let them. Put up a sign saying smokers welcome. Have areas for smokers and non-smokers but don’t persecute anyone.

Robert Peston has a platform, which he could use to honestly drive a campaign of the truth involved in smoking and lung cancer. I doubt if he will. He is also a leading light in Common Purpose so I’d imagine that this would stand in his way to get the true message of lung cancer out there.

Come on Robert! Instead of reporting on banks switch to doing something worthwhile!

Tell people how it truly is with lung cancer and campaign for meaningful treatment and expose the truth about lung cancer and smoking.

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Money in the bank but not as much as before

Much is being made of the raid on bank accounts in Cypress and so it should. Once again those that are “democratically” voted into the Westminster government do not provide us with the protection, which we should be afforded from our representatives in parliament.

The smoke and mirrors used by our democratic representatives have already put in place the means by which our government can steal money from bank depositors in the UK should a bank fail, or should that be when they fail again?

The deal seems to be that the money stolen will be replaced by shares in the failing bank. There may be a chance that these shares will be worth something but the likelihood is that it would take a very long time for this happen.

The same smoke and mirrors also makes it possible for all funds to be stolen as part a bailout of since they will no longer be guaranteed.

So why would our government want to separate out high street banking from investment banking? They already know that stealing the money lodged in bank customers accounts is now available to them as they see fit. What further benefit could be gained by also splitting the banks up?

Perhaps they will not follow through on splitting the banks up.

So where do we put our money? Our money is generally paid into a nominated account by our employer etc. and it is after all our money. But in fact it isn’t. It becomes the banks money as soon as it arrives.

Looks like the days of keeping your own money safe are coming back again. Of course if you run your account within your overdraft rather than keeping your money in the account they won’t be able to raid any credit balance you have.

Pay everything by cash? No. Just make sure that the overdraft always has only enough of a balance for your standing orders and direct debits to come off your account within each week. Withdraw all you can when your salary is paid in and then store it in a fireproof safe somewhere. Keep the overdraft within it’s limit and make sure you pay in enough at various times during the month to maintain payments going out.

As things stand we really want to be off grid and have a source of power for our home. The same power source if it was water based could provide your water and you could even add a small cheap windmill for more electricity production.

Rates would be a problem. There is no contract so you can’t cherry pick which services you want to pay towards. Not to worry. Is there really money in recycling? If there is you could sell your rubbish possibly.

It would be ironic indeed if the baloney usually peddled by salivating greenies and lefties actually has some uses, although none of them will be used to offset the con that is global warming, but which would help everyone keep as much of their money as possible.

The greenies and lefties blame the problems of the world on “materialism”. They are, as is almost always the case, wide of the mark. The problems of the world are due to only one thing – governments that are inept, corrupt and detached.

I worry for my children and my grand child. The progress that the “working man, a description which the so called current greenies and lefties could never understand, had achieved in years gone by has gone out of the window. People weren’t materialistic. They wanted central heating to keep them properly warm, they wanted a car so they could save time travelling and enjoy going to nice places, they wanted reasonable paid holidays further afield so they could see more of the world, they wanted their children to be educated to a good standard so they could get a better job than their parents, they wanted time off work at weekends so they could enjoy doing things other than work, they wanted more clothes so their clothes lasted longer because they could wear them less often, they wanted colour TVs so they could see more of the world, and so on and so forth.

All of this has unravelled. Mainly the Westminster Labour Party who has finally achieved their aim of being more right wing than the Tories has done it.

The loss of our rights is accelerating. We have allowed it to happen and no one has stepped up to the political plate to champion and lead the reinstatement of our rights, the ending of corruption within government and the blatant and ever-increasing stealing of our money.

Who will do this for us?


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