Money in the bank but not as much as before

01 Apr

Much is being made of the raid on bank accounts in Cypress and so it should. Once again those that are “democratically” voted into the Westminster government do not provide us with the protection, which we should be afforded from our representatives in parliament.

The smoke and mirrors used by our democratic representatives have already put in place the means by which our government can steal money from bank depositors in the UK should a bank fail, or should that be when they fail again?

The deal seems to be that the money stolen will be replaced by shares in the failing bank. There may be a chance that these shares will be worth something but the likelihood is that it would take a very long time for this happen.

The same smoke and mirrors also makes it possible for all funds to be stolen as part a bailout of since they will no longer be guaranteed.

So why would our government want to separate out high street banking from investment banking? They already know that stealing the money lodged in bank customers accounts is now available to them as they see fit. What further benefit could be gained by also splitting the banks up?

Perhaps they will not follow through on splitting the banks up.

So where do we put our money? Our money is generally paid into a nominated account by our employer etc. and it is after all our money. But in fact it isn’t. It becomes the banks money as soon as it arrives.

Looks like the days of keeping your own money safe are coming back again. Of course if you run your account within your overdraft rather than keeping your money in the account they won’t be able to raid any credit balance you have.

Pay everything by cash? No. Just make sure that the overdraft always has only enough of a balance for your standing orders and direct debits to come off your account within each week. Withdraw all you can when your salary is paid in and then store it in a fireproof safe somewhere. Keep the overdraft within it’s limit and make sure you pay in enough at various times during the month to maintain payments going out.

As things stand we really want to be off grid and have a source of power for our home. The same power source if it was water based could provide your water and you could even add a small cheap windmill for more electricity production.

Rates would be a problem. There is no contract so you can’t cherry pick which services you want to pay towards. Not to worry. Is there really money in recycling? If there is you could sell your rubbish possibly.

It would be ironic indeed if the baloney usually peddled by salivating greenies and lefties actually has some uses, although none of them will be used to offset the con that is global warming, but which would help everyone keep as much of their money as possible.

The greenies and lefties blame the problems of the world on “materialism”. They are, as is almost always the case, wide of the mark. The problems of the world are due to only one thing – governments that are inept, corrupt and detached.

I worry for my children and my grand child. The progress that the “working man, a description which the so called current greenies and lefties could never understand, had achieved in years gone by has gone out of the window. People weren’t materialistic. They wanted central heating to keep them properly warm, they wanted a car so they could save time travelling and enjoy going to nice places, they wanted reasonable paid holidays further afield so they could see more of the world, they wanted their children to be educated to a good standard so they could get a better job than their parents, they wanted time off work at weekends so they could enjoy doing things other than work, they wanted more clothes so their clothes lasted longer because they could wear them less often, they wanted colour TVs so they could see more of the world, and so on and so forth.

All of this has unravelled. Mainly the Westminster Labour Party who has finally achieved their aim of being more right wing than the Tories has done it.

The loss of our rights is accelerating. We have allowed it to happen and no one has stepped up to the political plate to champion and lead the reinstatement of our rights, the ending of corruption within government and the blatant and ever-increasing stealing of our money.

Who will do this for us?


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2 responses to “Money in the bank but not as much as before

  1. Nomine Deus

    April 2, 2013 at 4:46 pm

    Nice rundown of it all TT…

    • Tedious Tantrums

      November 30, 2013 at 8:26 pm

      Thanks for your reply. Sorry it’s taken me so long. I’m getting back into blogging now.

      Hope you visit often.


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