The increase in lung cancer rates.

14 Apr

A few nights ago wee gem on the One Show fell into the elephant in the room category. Yes, there was still the greenie guff and the social absolute guff but there was a pretty surprising article provided by none other than Robert Peston. You’ll have to imagine him speaking in that strange delivery he has perfected, loud and quiet along with slow and fast. It’ll be in your head by now.

Robert lost his wife recently. She died of cancer although that won’t be what is recorded on the death certificate. Specifically she died of lung cancer. It doesn’t matter who you are, how much money you have or how famous you are, losing someone very close to you is painful and difficult and it will have been very, very difficult time for Robert and his family. In fact he has been ill himself and he looks as if he has lost weight.

Anyway, he contributed this item on the One Show last evening. It was based around the fact that lung cancer is killing a lot more people now who don’t and have never, smoked. Experts, don’t you just love them, admit they know little about lung cancer, a fact that has been obvious for some time.

Robert was suggesting that screening should take place in an effort to identify this terrible disease and reduce the growing death toll. Well, I’d be inclined to suggest that mass screening for lung cancer would be as ineffective as breast and cervical cancer screening which provide far more false positives than it should resulting in healthy women who are traumatised by being told they have cancers they don’t actually have and suffer surgery they don’t need.

Robert also pointed out that the amount of money spent on research on lung cancer is a pittance compared to breast cancer etc. more money should be spent on lung cancer research – rent seekers should apply now as a new band wagon is fast approaching.

It’s elephant time now. The reason that there has been so little research done on lung cancer is because everyone knows what causes it in the first place. We’ve all been told that it’s smoking that causes it. Simple, but wait! Roberts’s wife never smoked! Neither have the vast majority of lung cancer sufferers. Second-hand smoke then? It has to be! Well, as any sensible person knows there is no such thing and no-one knows anyone who has died of second-hand smoke, or of toxins sneakily hiding on furniture etc. etc.

The increasing death rates for lung cancer are down to one single thing. The medical, scientific and anti-smoking establishments have decreed that lung cancer is caused by smoking – end off. It isn’t as simple as that, it never was and it never will be. You may also be aware that the grisly pictures a lot of us were shown at school, of a normal lung, nice and pink and a smokers lung, black and nasty were in fact props which had nothing to do with reality. A medical lung expert has to use a microscope to be able to tell if a lung in front of them has belonged to a smoker or not.

Also bear in mind that around 30% of all transplanted lungs come from SMOKERS!!!!!!

At this point you’ll be thinking that I’m a smoker but I’m not, which really disappoints my Doctor no end. I’m not and never have been. My Dad was and so were most of his friends and relatives. I thought the smoking ban was a good idea but it obviously isn’t. It persecutes a segment of our society for no reason and provides no benefit to ANYONE.

It’s long overdue that the ban is thrown out. If a pub, restaurant or anywhere else for that matter wants to allow smoking let them. Put up a sign saying smokers welcome. Have areas for smokers and non-smokers but don’t persecute anyone.

Robert Peston has a platform, which he could use to honestly drive a campaign of the truth involved in smoking and lung cancer. I doubt if he will. He is also a leading light in Common Purpose so I’d imagine that this would stand in his way to get the true message of lung cancer out there.

Come on Robert! Instead of reporting on banks switch to doing something worthwhile!

Tell people how it truly is with lung cancer and campaign for meaningful treatment and expose the truth about lung cancer and smoking.

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