The MET, the BBC and the Gulf Stream

15 Apr

You may have noticed that the weather has been improving? At last! Global warming has provided very cold winters for a number of years now and the temperature hasn’t changed much in 17 years. It’s all still the fault of humans apparently.

The latest MET and BBC meme is that the Gulf Stream is too for down south or too high up north. That means we get hard winters and crap summers. Based on what though? Where’s the science?

In this case it’s very, very simple. Think about it. How would the MET and the BBC know where the gulf stream is at? Well they can get satellite pictures from space and that lets them see where the gulf stream is. Simple. Well it would be if they had hundreds of years of records and pictures of where the gulf stream had been at.

They only have pictures from 1979 because that’s when satellites became available to them.

How can they spout all this crap about the effect of the gulf stream and where it’s position has been? They only have 40 years or so of records. That’s a lot you say?

I mean, come on, that is nothing. Nada. A mere fraction of a fraction of a millisecond in the history of the earth, which is measured in billions of years.

The MET and the BBC will just not let go of their  global warming meme. No matter that almost on a daily basis there are papers and other scientific stuff being produced and reported which proves the fallacy that global warming is.

Shame on them.

Their central theory is that the more carbon dioxide there is in the atmosphere the warmer temperatures will become. How?

Well “forcings” cause the temperatures to rise. Each molecule of CO2 absorbs energy from the sun and then radiates not just the energy received but a bit more too. This has never been proven. It breaks the laws of thermodynamics. Not only does the amount of energy radiated grow (this is like a perpetual motion machine) the energy has the ability to heat up other bodies which are in fact warmer.  Good grief.

If that wasn’t enough complete guff they have more. Not one of the 24 chosen climate models has been able to match historical records never mind correctly predict how climate has actually behaved recently.  There’s also the greenhouse effect, which traps heat within our atmosphere. Except this has never, that is NEVER been observed outside a glass test tube in a lab. Just to also clarify, the oceans are not becoming acidic, they are becoming less alkali a different thing entirely.

Honesty in science, education and politics is well overdue. All three are simply laughing stocks.  They have eroded the trust and respect people had for them. Medicine is not that far behind either.

And we let them get away with this?


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