Why has the BBC got it in for Glasgow Rangers FC.

16 Apr

Dodgy dealings at Rangers. The BBC are all over it, just like a rash in fact. There’s rarely a night goes by when BBC Scotland News football correspondents haven’t been given a copy of a secret document or a secret recording.

They relish all of these “leaks”. I should point out that I am no fan of Rangers or Celtic. I keep an eye on East Stirling, that’s as far as my footballing interest goes, but I digress.

It might be a bit more useful for the BBC to be reporting on the shambles, which is the SFA and the Premiere League, but of course that isn’t their agenda.

Scottish Football is a joke. The league system doesn’t work. Teams are playing each other three times or more and sometimes even more due to cup competitions etc. a season. It’s boring.

The complaint used to be that there were so many games, which didn’t have any real value although the teams used to play each other just twice in their league each season. You could also make a good case for football to be played in the summer months in Scotland also. Who wants to go to a cold and wet football stadium instead of football stadium bathed in sunshine and reasonable temperatures?

I don’t think it would matter if we went back to the two-division system. Meaningless games? That’s because there is no incentive. If each position in a league carried a bonus payment with the highest bonus being for the winning team and then a sliding scale of bonus amounts for all the other positions in the league from top to bottom that might help fire people up a bit. Maybe they could also get money for all the goals they scored in a season, maybe even another bonus for the number of points achieved also? Points mean prizes apparently.

It also seems just ridiculous that they don’t have enough money to have technology, which shows whether the ball is behind the goal line or not. Amateurish really.

The leagues need Rangers and Celtic to be at their best. Rangers being in the third division this year has attracted ten times as many fans. Yes this will be down to the games at Ibrox but the other grounds will have grown also. That was good for their league but bad for the teams, which might have been promoted this year if Rangers hadn’t ended up there

Why does Scottish football penalise the clubs who have financial issues? They make the situation worse.

Get a grip guys. Climb out of the sixties? Stop being so parochial.

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