M Thatcher RIP

17 Apr

I remember it well. A Friday morning in 1979. I was up a bit earlier and put the TV on to get the results of the general election before I went to work.

The Tories were in and Maggie was at the helm. I had a sinking feeling. Five years of them. Dread.

Things hadn’t been going well in the economy when I’d left school in 1975 and the timing wasn’t that great. You see at that time full employment was coming to an end. It was a big change. I was lucky and walked into a job with the Clydesdale Bank and spent the next 3.5 years working with them.

The Tories stuff was slow to gain traction but it did. Things changed. Maggies way was more about people taking responsibility for them selves and trying to deal with the unions who had been creating havoc with strikes all over the place. Teachers, miners, council workers… just about every area of our lives in the first part of the 1970s were blighted by strike after strike after strike. Power cuts were hard to deal with. Try reading with a single candle light. It was a good job we still had a coal fire.

Now the charge is that Maggie destroyed mining, shipbuilding, steel making etc. and I’d have to agree that she did. But, and it’s a big but, after she left office and the Tories finally made way for a Labour government I don’t remember Labour getting behind all the heavy and traditional industries.

As I’ve previously mentioned the Poll tax wasn’t a problem for me. I’ll still argue the point that the central part of it, which ensured that everyone pay something was a good thing. When I said it wasn’t a problem for me it was because the Poll tax saved me money. I’d worked damn hard to be successful and I’d done it honestly and without doing anyone down.

Why shouldn’t I enjoy the fruits of my labour?

I sometimes work down in Greenock. Whilst there are nice parts there are also parts, which are not nice in any shape or form although a lot of decent people live in them. The people in the Greenock area and most of the entire west of Scotland have voted Labour for decades. Labour have done nothing, let me repeat NOTHING to help them. NOTHING to repay all the years of decline. NOTHING to bring real jobs and prospects for those voters.

They have FAILED to deliver the great Labour aim of each successive generation being a bit better off than the last. Shame on them.

The party held in Glasgow to celebrate the demise of Maggie was a disgrace for Scotland. Most of the people there were not even born when Maggie was doing her thing. What would they know?

But of course they are the left, those who spout all the claptrap about social justice and the like.  We don’t want social justice we want lower taxes so we can make our own decisions about how much and on what we want to spend OUR money. We want decent quality jobs, which pay well, and we want the chance to see our families better us.

Of course the LEFT will shout down anyone who dares to disagree with their views. That’s called fascism. Remove peoples voice, restrict what they can say, stop them having any say at all.

By all means take exception to my views. Challenge me. Bear in mind I’m a fourth generation Labour voter or I was until recently. The Tories are out of touch with the working man and so are Labour and the LibDems and the SNP and the rest.

Let the woman be laid to rest in peace. Leave her family to grieve.

We badly need a leader of some standing and morality.

It isn’t going to happen any time soon.

Is it?

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