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Finding commonality in the strangest of places

Unbelievable it has happened again. In the past couple of weeks I’ve found myself agreeing with a column in the Guardian, agreeing with a BBC columnist and the Green Party in Scotland. A further shock was to find the local free magazine “The Leither”

It’s not because I’ve changed my opinions, its mainly due to two things.

Firstly Scottish Independence and climate change. Scottish Independence has two sides, the YES camp and the Better Together camp who can’t be the NO camp because that’s sounds way too negative (but it fits them to a tee since all they ever say is negative).

Both camps are made up of people from across all the main political parties and a growing number of people from various communities business, the establishment, young and old, ethnic groups, religious groups etc. Whilst the existing political spectrum still exists it has become fuzzy at the edges. (That’s a technical term)

And that’s why I’ve been finding common ground with the Greens, The Guardian and now The Leither. The Leither is leftie, trendy, yummy mummy, yuppy, monied targeted and it’s free in a lot of cafes, pubs and places in Leith and Edinburgh where their target audience go. I take a copy so I can have a rant about how crap it is. This month though it’s buying into a YES vote and discussing the failings of the NO camp.

My BBC fellow next. The BBC is still in love with the climate change meme. It suits them. It has string lefty undertones. It’s a great way of redistributing money. The guy was almost agreeing that it was just a giant scam. I assume by now he’ll be reporting from Siberia or Edinburgh. Yes Edinburgh. Edinburgh isn’t allowed in the universe that is the BBC. BBC Scotland is based in Glasgow where the Labour party in Scotland has their power base. BBC Scotland’s Headquarters are there. It’s like the BBC in England being based in Birmingham and there being no real studio in London at all. The bottom line is that climate change/global warming is dead and is being slowly buried. Just ask Australia, Canada, japan and Poland with much more to come.

Now I’ve not mentioned the SNP. Wee Eck (Alex Salmond), and Wee Nippy (Nicola Sturgeon) are still pushing the independence message home. They haven’t really checked what the dictionary definition of independence actually is. It isn’t having the Queen as head of state because we’d still be subjects, it’s not using the pound because we’d have little control over interest rates etc. it’s not joining the EU because… well do you have a few days?

Anyway, the SNP Scottish Government has published a tome which answers all manner of questions about Scottish Independence. The No camp want more detailed answers. That’s another of their top drawer tactics which has fooled some but not all people.



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Will they ever stop whinging?

As the great global warming scam drifts to its final conclusion – there’s no such thing – what will happen to all those acolytes which took it all in and fell for it hook, line and sinker? Of course it was never about the climate or the cuddly environment it was always political but in a religious manner. All these trendy lefties with opinions about everything and they know better than the non-lefties how things should be done.

I heard them on the radio earlier today and they were on TV as well. Now it’s the next stage of the war on cars. Now it’s cycling!!!!! Cyclists aren’t being protected. Cyclists are being killed. And that’s true they are getting killed. That’s horrible. No one wants that to happen.

Chris Boardman did a few minutes on The Politics Show. He was banging on about the need for the government to get with it and make sure that cyclists could be protected as they helped the environment and got fit at the same time. Unfortunately he was cycling… without a helmet!!!! He would explain why he wasn’t Foot and shot come to mind.

It is a serious issue. It would be less serious if cyclists took responsibility for their actions and learned to read the road and the traffic. They aren’t trained and they don’t have any sort of license, training and insurance.

Last time I was in London I walked through a bit of Hyde Park. They had painted stuff on the paths so cyclists had a lane to cycle on. However, there were bits where people walking had to cross the cycle lane. Now that was dangerous! The difference between the speed of the cyclists and the speed of the pedestrians was just an accident waiting to happen.

Red lights are ridden through, signalling is vague, too late or non-existent, cycling in the wrong lane, cycling in the same lane as cars are going in the opposite direction, cycling whilst holding onto bags, cycling whilst wearing headphones and worst of all cycling along in the misplaced belief that other road users will make room for them.

Some car drivers approach a cyclist and slow right down. Then when traffic from the lane with cars coming the other way is clear they veer right out into that lane endangering themselves and all manner of other road users.

Cyclists are aggressive. Cycling in the UK can be a problem because it gets windy, it rains and we have hills. Hills aren’t a lot of fun unless they go down the way but what goes down must go back up again. Holland is always cited as having great cycling facilities but they rarely mention that it’s very flat.

I used to cycle a lot. If I cycle I get hot and sticky. If I were to cycle to work I’d explode, melt or have to have a shower and change of clothes before I could engage with my fellow humans. I used to cycle a lot, over 120 miles a week sometimes but always to get fit and just enjoy cycling. I like cycling but not in the city.

However, the whiners will keep on whinging. They want something done. So they will whine on and on and on and on until they get what they want and then they’ll move onto something else.

They might actually become adults…

Sorry. That’s never going to happen.


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New rules for post independent Scotland – Part 1

Part One.

In a newly independent Scotland there are a few rules I’d like to see adopted. Here are the first 5.

Windmills, solar panels and their like can stay but only if there are no subsidies and a band is in place for every last one to be used to demolition them. If you want one then buy it with no subsidies although you can make money from selling your surplus, which would be priced at an average price.

Politicians next up. In our new shiny Scotland we will need new and shiny politicians. They will be very different than now though. They will have to follow the instructions of the voters they represent. They won’t be subject to the “whip” and they will get paid a reasonable amount but not a huge amount. They won’t be able to take on any other employment all they will do is represent their constituents. They will also be required to behave correctly in the Scottish parliament. It is really essential that the debating chamber is just that, so no banging on desks, shouting and behaving like small children. Listening to what other politicians are saying and always be looking for common ground and agreement.

All prices for all products sold throughout the whole of our new Scotland will be the same. That means that someone on Orkney will pay the same for petrol as someone in the central belt. Same with all goods and services no more paying extra to cover delivery charges because people don’t live in the central belt. The supermarkets can set their own prices but they have to sell their goods at the same price all over Scotland.  They can charge what they want for what they sell but it’s at the same price nation wide. If they try to abuse their position they will have to answer to the Office of Trading in Scotland, which will have real teeth.

The police, NHS, fire brigade etc. will all be split up and made local once again. Probably similar to pre-regionalisation days, all the ridiculous legislation will be binned and again the power will lie with the local community through the local council with local councillors. People are far more accountable when they live and work within the same small area. If they make a decision they have to live with the repercussions and being accosted in the street by people who might not agree with them. The cost savings made by ditching all the silly regulations will result in a much cheaper local administration etc. and we won’t have any situations where someone dies because a bit of paper hasn’t been completed or no one has been trained on how to use a ladder.

Scots Law will also have to be re-instated. That means that we will retain corroboration and not proven etc. All the PC stuff, which we have had to put up with, will go instantly and we’ll revert back to the rule of the majority. Oh but you say that makes minorities vulnerable. That won’t be the case. Apart from the fact that we all find ourselves in the majority for some things we also find ourselves in the minority. The system will be much better than the present equality rules which are anything but.

That was part one then….


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Bitter the gither…

The “bitter the gither” camp is getting pretty desperate. It doesn’t matter what good news comes along for stuff happening in Scotland they always find a negative spin aided and abetted by their great friend and ally the BBC.

Oil is a problem for Scotland apparently. It will run out. Really? That’s a shock. In the meantime though, loads of oil companies are making multi-billion pound investments. Now, if they are investing it is because they know they will bring more oil out and it will be worth a lot more than their investment. The more they bring out the more money will pour into an independent Scotland’s coffers.

Countries with oil assets all over the world are busily extracting it and I haven’t heard of many who are facing significant problems because they have oil. It’s a great asset to have and it will continue to be so especially if fracking is also included. Remember that Youngs Paraffin and Mineral Oil has been recovering oil from shale since 1866 and it’s very likely that there is a lot more to come as fracking moves the game forward.

Oil is only part of the story. The inventiveness of the Scots has been amazing and we’ve punched well above our weight. When I was young I went to the local library, which was built by Andrew Carnegies money, the Scotsman who created a huge steel business in the USA. People leave Scotland but they almost always remain Scottish. How many will return to Scotland post a successful YES vote for independence? How many will stay where they are but wish to help and trade with Scotland? Lots I’d say.

The Spanish Prime Minister said he’d veto Scotland joining the EU. That’s very good of him since common sense recognises that the EU has very, very little to offer Scotland whilst Scotland has much to offer the EU. No matter that the Spanish chap is very worried that a yes vote for Scottish independence will cause him all sorts of problems with Catalans.

Rompuy also had a go. Scotland will have to apply for membership to the EU. Great! No need to send us the application forms thanks. The EU is moribund. Non-EU countries are streaking ahead with growth figures around 8% per year whilst the EU zone can’t manage 1%. Who would want to be a part of that?

There is a long list of people willing to stand up and say how bad things will be and many from the press who are happy to give them a platform. And then there is the Labour party in Scotland…

The Labour Party in the Scotland have a dilemma to face. Every day in the Scottish parliament they are doing Scotland down; it’s all they can do, they can’t offer anything else. They are willing to stand on the same platform as the Tories and accept money from them in order to try to keep Scotland in the UK.

I hope that people wake up and consider the record that the Labour party in Scotland have. They have been the largest political party in Scotland and the west of Scotland has been theirs. But if people in the west were prepared to look at Labours policies in Scotland have addressed poor health, poor housing, quality and skilled jobs, alcohol issues, heart disease they might change their mind to remain as supporters. They failed to address these and other hugely important issues and they still retained the support of the voters who suffered and continue to suffer.

There is no doubt that there is much work to be done for those in the Yes camp. The great machine of state, parliament and the establishment of England are lined up ready to do everything they can to ensure Scotland doesn’t escape. The loss of Scotland would be a significant blow to Westminster. I read that 8% of their UK population and 30,414 square miles of UK and would be lost.

Perhaps England, Wales and Northern Ireland might want to invite Ireland to join a new UK? The BBC seems to think that Ireland is already part of the UK, they seem to employ many from Ireland.

Independence for Scotland isn’t going to be easy but are the Scottish people somehow less able, less determined and less resourceful then many peoples from other small countries?

I think not.

Even if this attempt fails, the same proposal will come back. It’s obvious that this will be the case because Westminster won’t deliver the improvements needed and a share of the oil revenues due to allow Scotland to get out of the post-industrial gloom and doom, significantly and methodically address health issues and increase the wealth of every member of the population.


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Building an empire (a very, very small empire).

As soon as I was back to blogging I was off again. Bloomin’ chesty cough, no energy and shrunken appetite.  Whilst I kept up with work, blogging was just  a step too far.

However, I was also building a fence between our house and a neighbours. Measure up for materials, order, await delivery, carry all the stuff through to the back of the houses, measure where post holes go, dig post holes, mix up ballast and cement, hold post and put cement in, plumb posts, drink lots of orange juice collapse into chair. Next morning put slats onto posts, which have thankfully, stayed in the right place in a raging gale. I have one section to finish (now finished) and small bit over the other side (still to be finished) and the jobs a good’un.

The work here has been on going for some months. The neighbours on the other side changed and the new ones were making changes. We jumped on their bandwagon and now the whole of the outside of the house has changed completely.

There were a few problems along the way. It was something of a challenge to make sure we got the brick work walls we wanted rather than have the same as next door. Clones we aren’t! Some tradesmen were less than great. One kept upping the price at the end of each job, and two more failed to complete work after they’d been paid for the full job. Not by much but a deal is a deal.

Next door were doing internal work also and noise has been an issue. Okay they have to do the work but a little more consideration would have helped enormously. I’m hoping that the next week will see all the work finished and the last few bits tidied up.

It became obvious early on that getting materials wasn’t going to be the easiest part of the job. It would seem that there is a building boom taking place. When I say “boom” it’s probably much smaller than booms of the past and probably a lot of builders merchants have gone by the boards in between times.

Another noticeable phenomenon was the jobs that some of the tradesmen did with some of the neighbours. People obviously have money to spend even if it is the run up to Christmas.

I think we’ll have a rest from building work for a while now. Well apart from the metal work which we may commission sometime soon maybe? It’s an Art Deco house we have and the walls have been given an Art Deco motif and it would be great to finish off the pillars with Art Deco metal work.

We’ll see…


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Nigella Lawson…

It’s happened again!

Fresh from finding some commonality with the green party and the Guardian I now find myself being in agreement with a BBC person who was talking about climate change (I’d tell you a bit more but I can’t find the almost sceptical piece any longer which would seem to suggest it may have been removed by someone). Yes I know. Who would have thunk it.

I’ve managed this feat of losing the plot without recourse to any illegal chemical substances which brings me to another subject…

Nigella Lawson. I watched some of her programmes when she cooked stuff and what not. She would say stuff like she enjoyed Mars bars. She didn’t seem to mind whacking sugar into a lot of her creations and no mention anywhere of ”obesity”.

Now here she is all slimmed down and grown up.  Apparently she may have tried cocaine once and smoked a joint once. Oh dear. But it was only twice though. So that’s okay. It may however, have helped her get into a spot of bother with that nice Mr Saatchi.

I know he’s a nice man because he let me into his Chelsea Gallery and wander about for a couple of hours without charging me a penny.  Can’t be that bad then and I’ve been a few times and he’s still never changed me.

Back to Nigella. She smoked a joint. So does she also smoke? Or did she just smoke to try a joint the once?


You see you would imagine that people like Nigella, who are well connected and know loads of fellow slebs and politicians who might also partake of the odd joint etc. That must mean that they smoke when they partake. I’d also put serious money on them doing it more than once and then continue to keep doing it.  It would calm them down a bit from their frantic lives? Doesn’t that sound very, very, very similar to chavs who need to smako the odd joint to calm them down and allow them to get away from al their problems etc?

Again hmmmmm

Again my wallets out, although sadly not filled with the potential new Scottish “Stoater” currency, I’d bet more money that these same people smoke fags. Yes I’ve said they smoke fags. Shock, horror, probe!

Let’s get shot of a couple of things at this point. I don’t care a hoot who smokes and who takes drugs. All I ask is that they don’t hurt someone else whilst they partake. Smokers , unlike drinkers, aren’t going to punch anyone because they have smoked enough fags for them to be giddy. They don’t become angry smokers when they smoke too much either.

Now you’re thinking second hand smoke? Over to Jim Royle for a comment – “MY ARSE”. Thanks for that Jim. No such thing. No third hand smoke either. No toxic chemicals left on random surfaces, which can jump up and attack anyone in the vicinity.

Bear in mind I’m a non-smoker. Although I smoked a fair few of those fake sweetie ones when I was at primary school in the 60’s.

Of course it’s a bit different for the joint smoker. If you are a smoker of joints the worst you are going do is to maybe talk complete guff to someone or you might laugh too loudly for too long or you might even nick a bit of someone’s Mars bar because you were a bit peckish suddenly.

The real damage being done here, is our good old, well practised and over used friend hypocrisy. Yes indeed. They smoke tobacco in private and in public they look down on smokers. They vent their disgust at such people and get behind ASH and their like and spout the unscientific claptrap which is their mantra.

The point is that they smoke joints, which have tobacco in them. That is a sin. According to ASH and to the righteous. It’s also sin because they are lying, and they are breaking the law whilst at the same time being holier that thou.

Not a good place for them to be.

Years ago I had to go see my Doc. He was fairly laid back guy. I had been feeling under the weather, which he pointed out, was probably being caused by me working ridiculous hours and travelling all over the place as well. He took some blood because that would make sure and he asked me a few questions. One of which was “How much exercise did I get”? I said I got out of the car on occasions. He said “I do the same, I park near the newsagents and walk to the counter where I buy my fags and then I get back in the car again!!!!!! A man after my own heart.

Can you imagine a modern doctor or one of the practice nurses (I want a real one not a practicing on version please!) saying anything like that?

It would blood checks, BP checked, then prescriptions for all manner of drugs, none of which would require to be smoked. I’d have gone in with a small niggle and come out with at least three other issues. And, and, and, I’d have been lectured for the whole time I was there.

Good grief.

All Nigellas step forward and confess. Then say how sorry you are for having been brainwashed by people you thought knew about stuff when in fact they know less than nothing. Then straight to bed with no supper and television for at least a week.

For the rest of us then.

If you smoke and enjoy it carry on. If you need some care at some point and you have to go to the NHS remind them that you have paid countless thousands of pounds in duty on fags and it’s very unlikely that your care will cost more than that.

Ditto if your are cheerily plump.


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The Guardian supports Scottish Independence?

Either I’ve lost the plot or I’ve been deposited in a different far away universe.

I’m still not over the shock of agreeing, if only in part, with the Scottish Greens. That sounds like something your Scottish Granny would say. Scottish Greens are good for you she’d say… better leave it that perhaps.

Now I find myself agreeing with a columnist in the Guardian. Good grief! What next? Will Santa be joining me for Christmas lunch along with the three wise men and Queenie her self. My, how the conversation would just whistle along then again perhaps not.

It would appear that some people who work at the Guardian think it’s a great idea for Scotland to be independent. Scotland could become a sparkling world-class example of social justice, wind and wave power and everything green.

That’s not my view I have to say. However, winning independence is the goal and if it means that we have to… what’s the words for it? Get into bed with people that have the same aims but perhaps seek different longer-term goals? That’ll have to do.

They also said that keeping the pound was good because if we do our own currency the English will “get gubbed.” Okay fair enough. Perhaps the new Scottish currency should based on Jimmies. Jimmies would be worth twenty Fannies. The overall currency name would the Scottish Stoater or words to that effect. However I digress.

Now what about that nice Mr Monbiot? He’s works for the Guardian. He may have to do another of those columns where he says – “You know how I said that X was a very bad thing, a very bad thing indeed?” He’ll then go on to say that “he now thinks it’s a spanking thing and he won’t even blush when he says it”. He’s well practiced at it. I wonder if he’s let out any of his four spare bedrooms yet to people who need a roof over their heads?

Another suggestion from the tome that is the Guardian was that the landed gentry should start packing now and following a YES vote they can leave the keys at the front door. Estates will be put back into the hands of the people or the people that the Guardianistas like anyway. I can see the appeal of that.

Queenie won’t be needing to travel to Scotland and may desist from taking her summer hols at Balmoral which I’m sure will make a really nice hotel. Nice thought. Lets reclaim the rampant lion and make that our flag. We’re hard you see. Even our flag is aggressive!!!!!!!

Time will tell.

I’m a bit apprehensive about what is going to happen next. Who else is going to stand up and support Scottish independence from a group which I do not associate with or generally share their views? Not to worry. You know I’ll keep you informed.

The cost of the Guardian in Scotland will be 2 jimmies 8 fannies. It just rolls of the tongue doesn’t it? Hold that thought.


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Every so often I hear a phrase that really ticks me off and also makes me wonder about some peoples grasp of how stuff works.

I mean of course the “aging population” of Scotland or the UK or wherever. There is of course more older people and that is increasing because we all live longer due to many positive things that progress brings. But… it isn’t a surprise to ANYONE never mind our politicians that people are living longer.

So the politicians didn’t plan for this? It has come as a real surprise to everyone? We didn’t notice it happening. Bull!!!!

The biggest issue however, is the pensions issue. How is Westminster going to pay all those pensions? How will an independent Scotland find the money for all those old people who worked hard all their lives whilst paying into the national insurance system?

Yes it’s a real issue. Of course it shouldn’t be but it is because of politicians civil servants and the elite.

Pay attention.

The money taken from people, which go towards their future pension, isn’t put into a national sort of long term investment scheme. No. The money is used as soon as it is received for whatever purpose the politicians deem to be a good idea.

The aging population does however provide a difficult question or two. The main one being that if we live longer it’s obvious that the number of older people will increase. The trend must continue resulting in more and more people living longer and then retiring to enjoy a long, long retirement.

Whilst the max’d out credit card that represents Westminster government finances is so large, it’s hard to imagine they can sort it out anytime soon. So it’s a difficult one since they need desperately to address the issue, they need to invest the money that people pay through NI contributions.

Of course they can’t. The numbers are just too big.

The latest trend has legislation in place, which requires people to take out additional work based pensions. That’s great tax once, tax twice, tax again and again. What a racket!

The issue won’t go away.

The governments will however.

Pass the parcel or pass the buck? Both obviously.






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Spike Milligan V Alex Salmond

Spike Milligan was a very talented man although at times he cane across as being fairly manic and of course his humour was very appealing but rarely mainstream.

For a period of time he was in active service with the British Army and before taking part in an action he wrote the following –

“If I die it is for the England I dream off rather than the England I know”.

Do you think that we all maybe think the same thing about our own countries? On the one hand it’s the hope that things will improve hugely on the other putting up with what we have allowed our country to become.

The reason I mention this is because this is where the people who live in Scotland are right now. This will last until the referendum votes are in and counted and/or to the point that we all see separation happening and things beginning to change.

The release of the huge door-stopper book from the SNP last week or so showed how out of touch they are with the people they are supposed to be representing. They have missed, and continue to, the main point, the main issue, the main idea, which would engage the people living in Scotland.

Now the next bit may come over as a bit surprising but since it’s very true I have to admit to it. I find myself being in agreement with the Greens in Scotland. Now before you think I’ve “turned” politically anyway there is good reasons why we all should listen to them whilst staying away from the more lunatic policies and ideas they share with the rest of us.

They are right when they point out that the currency, the royals, the EU and other subjects currently being considered Scotland is for the people living in Scotland to decide on following a YES vote. Simples.

The fact that the SNP are muddying the waters by portraying that when you vote yes you vote for them rather than voting for Scotland. I can’t say enough times that –


I don’t think there are many people who want the English pound, nor do I think there are many people who would want to remain in the EU given that we are pursuing “independence” which we won’t get within the EU.

What do we want? We want to gain fair revenue for the oil within our territorial borders, we want to get rid of nuclear subs, we want to get rid of the royals who serve no purpose in a modern society, we want control off and involvement in our future here in Scotland.

Most of all we all need to identify what is important to us within the potential new society, which a new, independent and modern Scotland should deliver.

In many ways Spike was ahead of his time. It may turn out that Scotland will also revert to an independent state and be ahead of our time, which will see other areas of the world do the same.

We don’t want to be world leaders however. We want Scotland to focus on Scotland, not from an isolationist position, but from the position of developing a modern state that delivers the lifestyles that we all dream of.

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