02 Dec

Every so often I hear a phrase that really ticks me off and also makes me wonder about some peoples grasp of how stuff works.

I mean of course the “aging population” of Scotland or the UK or wherever. There is of course more older people and that is increasing because we all live longer due to many positive things that progress brings. But… it isn’t a surprise to ANYONE never mind our politicians that people are living longer.

So the politicians didn’t plan for this? It has come as a real surprise to everyone? We didn’t notice it happening. Bull!!!!

The biggest issue however, is the pensions issue. How is Westminster going to pay all those pensions? How will an independent Scotland find the money for all those old people who worked hard all their lives whilst paying into the national insurance system?

Yes it’s a real issue. Of course it shouldn’t be but it is because of politicians civil servants and the elite.

Pay attention.

The money taken from people, which go towards their future pension, isn’t put into a national sort of long term investment scheme. No. The money is used as soon as it is received for whatever purpose the politicians deem to be a good idea.

The aging population does however provide a difficult question or two. The main one being that if we live longer it’s obvious that the number of older people will increase. The trend must continue resulting in more and more people living longer and then retiring to enjoy a long, long retirement.

Whilst the max’d out credit card that represents Westminster government finances is so large, it’s hard to imagine they can sort it out anytime soon. So it’s a difficult one since they need desperately to address the issue, they need to invest the money that people pay through NI contributions.

Of course they can’t. The numbers are just too big.

The latest trend has legislation in place, which requires people to take out additional work based pensions. That’s great tax once, tax twice, tax again and again. What a racket!

The issue won’t go away.

The governments will however.

Pass the parcel or pass the buck? Both obviously.






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