Building an empire (a very, very small empire).

17 Dec

As soon as I was back to blogging I was off again. Bloomin’ chesty cough, no energy and shrunken appetite.  Whilst I kept up with work, blogging was just  a step too far.

However, I was also building a fence between our house and a neighbours. Measure up for materials, order, await delivery, carry all the stuff through to the back of the houses, measure where post holes go, dig post holes, mix up ballast and cement, hold post and put cement in, plumb posts, drink lots of orange juice collapse into chair. Next morning put slats onto posts, which have thankfully, stayed in the right place in a raging gale. I have one section to finish (now finished) and small bit over the other side (still to be finished) and the jobs a good’un.

The work here has been on going for some months. The neighbours on the other side changed and the new ones were making changes. We jumped on their bandwagon and now the whole of the outside of the house has changed completely.

There were a few problems along the way. It was something of a challenge to make sure we got the brick work walls we wanted rather than have the same as next door. Clones we aren’t! Some tradesmen were less than great. One kept upping the price at the end of each job, and two more failed to complete work after they’d been paid for the full job. Not by much but a deal is a deal.

Next door were doing internal work also and noise has been an issue. Okay they have to do the work but a little more consideration would have helped enormously. I’m hoping that the next week will see all the work finished and the last few bits tidied up.

It became obvious early on that getting materials wasn’t going to be the easiest part of the job. It would seem that there is a building boom taking place. When I say “boom” it’s probably much smaller than booms of the past and probably a lot of builders merchants have gone by the boards in between times.

Another noticeable phenomenon was the jobs that some of the tradesmen did with some of the neighbours. People obviously have money to spend even if it is the run up to Christmas.

I think we’ll have a rest from building work for a while now. Well apart from the metal work which we may commission sometime soon maybe? It’s an Art Deco house we have and the walls have been given an Art Deco motif and it would be great to finish off the pillars with Art Deco metal work.

We’ll see…


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