Bitter the gither…

18 Dec

The “bitter the gither” camp is getting pretty desperate. It doesn’t matter what good news comes along for stuff happening in Scotland they always find a negative spin aided and abetted by their great friend and ally the BBC.

Oil is a problem for Scotland apparently. It will run out. Really? That’s a shock. In the meantime though, loads of oil companies are making multi-billion pound investments. Now, if they are investing it is because they know they will bring more oil out and it will be worth a lot more than their investment. The more they bring out the more money will pour into an independent Scotland’s coffers.

Countries with oil assets all over the world are busily extracting it and I haven’t heard of many who are facing significant problems because they have oil. It’s a great asset to have and it will continue to be so especially if fracking is also included. Remember that Youngs Paraffin and Mineral Oil has been recovering oil from shale since 1866 and it’s very likely that there is a lot more to come as fracking moves the game forward.

Oil is only part of the story. The inventiveness of the Scots has been amazing and we’ve punched well above our weight. When I was young I went to the local library, which was built by Andrew Carnegies money, the Scotsman who created a huge steel business in the USA. People leave Scotland but they almost always remain Scottish. How many will return to Scotland post a successful YES vote for independence? How many will stay where they are but wish to help and trade with Scotland? Lots I’d say.

The Spanish Prime Minister said he’d veto Scotland joining the EU. That’s very good of him since common sense recognises that the EU has very, very little to offer Scotland whilst Scotland has much to offer the EU. No matter that the Spanish chap is very worried that a yes vote for Scottish independence will cause him all sorts of problems with Catalans.

Rompuy also had a go. Scotland will have to apply for membership to the EU. Great! No need to send us the application forms thanks. The EU is moribund. Non-EU countries are streaking ahead with growth figures around 8% per year whilst the EU zone can’t manage 1%. Who would want to be a part of that?

There is a long list of people willing to stand up and say how bad things will be and many from the press who are happy to give them a platform. And then there is the Labour party in Scotland…

The Labour Party in the Scotland have a dilemma to face. Every day in the Scottish parliament they are doing Scotland down; it’s all they can do, they can’t offer anything else. They are willing to stand on the same platform as the Tories and accept money from them in order to try to keep Scotland in the UK.

I hope that people wake up and consider the record that the Labour party in Scotland have. They have been the largest political party in Scotland and the west of Scotland has been theirs. But if people in the west were prepared to look at Labours policies in Scotland have addressed poor health, poor housing, quality and skilled jobs, alcohol issues, heart disease they might change their mind to remain as supporters. They failed to address these and other hugely important issues and they still retained the support of the voters who suffered and continue to suffer.

There is no doubt that there is much work to be done for those in the Yes camp. The great machine of state, parliament and the establishment of England are lined up ready to do everything they can to ensure Scotland doesn’t escape. The loss of Scotland would be a significant blow to Westminster. I read that 8% of their UK population and 30,414 square miles of UK and would be lost.

Perhaps England, Wales and Northern Ireland might want to invite Ireland to join a new UK? The BBC seems to think that Ireland is already part of the UK, they seem to employ many from Ireland.

Independence for Scotland isn’t going to be easy but are the Scottish people somehow less able, less determined and less resourceful then many peoples from other small countries?

I think not.

Even if this attempt fails, the same proposal will come back. It’s obvious that this will be the case because Westminster won’t deliver the improvements needed and a share of the oil revenues due to allow Scotland to get out of the post-industrial gloom and doom, significantly and methodically address health issues and increase the wealth of every member of the population.


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