Will they ever stop whinging?

20 Dec

As the great global warming scam drifts to its final conclusion – there’s no such thing – what will happen to all those acolytes which took it all in and fell for it hook, line and sinker? Of course it was never about the climate or the cuddly environment it was always political but in a religious manner. All these trendy lefties with opinions about everything and they know better than the non-lefties how things should be done.

I heard them on the radio earlier today and they were on TV as well. Now it’s the next stage of the war on cars. Now it’s cycling!!!!! Cyclists aren’t being protected. Cyclists are being killed. And that’s true they are getting killed. That’s horrible. No one wants that to happen.

Chris Boardman did a few minutes on The Politics Show. He was banging on about the need for the government to get with it and make sure that cyclists could be protected as they helped the environment and got fit at the same time. Unfortunately he was cycling… without a helmet!!!! He would explain why he wasn’t Foot and shot come to mind.

It is a serious issue. It would be less serious if cyclists took responsibility for their actions and learned to read the road and the traffic. They aren’t trained and they don’t have any sort of license, training and insurance.

Last time I was in London I walked through a bit of Hyde Park. They had painted stuff on the paths so cyclists had a lane to cycle on. However, there were bits where people walking had to cross the cycle lane. Now that was dangerous! The difference between the speed of the cyclists and the speed of the pedestrians was just an accident waiting to happen.

Red lights are ridden through, signalling is vague, too late or non-existent, cycling in the wrong lane, cycling in the same lane as cars are going in the opposite direction, cycling whilst holding onto bags, cycling whilst wearing headphones and worst of all cycling along in the misplaced belief that other road users will make room for them.

Some car drivers approach a cyclist and slow right down. Then when traffic from the lane with cars coming the other way is clear they veer right out into that lane endangering themselves and all manner of other road users.

Cyclists are aggressive. Cycling in the UK can be a problem because it gets windy, it rains and we have hills. Hills aren’t a lot of fun unless they go down the way but what goes down must go back up again. Holland is always cited as having great cycling facilities but they rarely mention that it’s very flat.

I used to cycle a lot. If I cycle I get hot and sticky. If I were to cycle to work I’d explode, melt or have to have a shower and change of clothes before I could engage with my fellow humans. I used to cycle a lot, over 120 miles a week sometimes but always to get fit and just enjoy cycling. I like cycling but not in the city.

However, the whiners will keep on whinging. They want something done. So they will whine on and on and on and on until they get what they want and then they’ll move onto something else.

They might actually become adults…

Sorry. That’s never going to happen.


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