A New Year as it were… and a clarification of intent.

05 Jan

I’m Scottish and I’m very, very proud of that. I like to think I’m as Scottish as Scottish can be in as much as I was born in Edinburgh at Simpson Memorial Maternity Pavillion within Edinburgh Royal Infirmary. I’ve had a number of opportunities to live overseas but I’ve never taken them up. Although I’ve lived in other areas within Scotland leaving Edinburgh is now inconceivable for me.

The past few weeks have been pandemonium here. Lots of tourists as you might expect. This year it seems like there have been more tourists than ever and they didn’t seem to thin out as much after the festival ended.

Whilst on this subject please let me clarify a few things of Scottishness. Hogmanay is the night before New Year. It isn’t couple with Happy. Happy Hogmanay isn’t right it’s just Hogmanay.

Also New Years is way wrong. We say Happy New Year, which is never plural. I just had to pedantically clarify that. Also Christmas is secondary by a huge margin to New Year. New Year starts at 12:00AM on the 1st January. In fact my wife and I won’t be sending Xmas cards next year we are going to send New Year cards instead.

Blogging this year will be a challenge for bloggers in Scotland and probably beyond. The Independence Referendum is going to be HUGE. It’s an important vote.

I’m a YES voter. No point in hiding it. I want Scottish Independence, not because I don’t like the people within the rest of the UK, because I want Scottish people to gain control of their future, their country and all the assets, which we have within the confines of our territory and borders. (This will include the thousands of square miles of the North Sea gifted by Brown to Blair illegally. Those territorial waters belong to Scotland and are guaranteed by the world body, which maintains and recognises international boundaries.

We also want to be able to get away from this continuing mantra, which states that Scotland is subsidised by the rest of the UK. If that was the case the rest of the UK would have good reasons to feel miffed and the financial sense of it would be a major issue for the Westminster government. It isn’t though because we ore obviously massively subsidising the rest of the UK through oil revenue alone. If you don’t believe me search the net for The McCrone Report (1974) on the Scottish Economy and oil production.

I would have thought that the people of England would be very, very, very keen to gain their own independence. Such a great nation with so much in the way of achievements. Without England supported by Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland standing against Hitler at the beginning of the second world war and keeping things going before the rest of the world got it’s act together we’d be ruled from Berlin now. Wait a minute! We are as things stand at the moment. More reason for England and Scotland to be independent!!!

An interesting year ahead indeed.

Happy New Year.


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