Save a prayer…

07 Jan

Religion is a tricky one is it not? You choose a religion or you have it chosen for you and then you have to get on with it. Some religions are more difficult than others. They need more time given to them, they all seem to need money to be provided to them although some of them are the richest organisations in the world.

Of course you can also choose not have any religion at all. It’s not compulsory yet.

Years ago one of my workmates went to Nepal and brought back some really great photographs. One featured a number of lines of prayer flags. Lines of them all blowing in the wind. The deal was that the prayer flags were blown by the wind and the sentiments written on them were carried away with the wind to land somewhere and do some good.

I kind of also think that it’s actually a very shrewd move on the part of those writing the prayers. It’s like write once read many. Instead of having to go to church/monastery/chapel/cathedral and say prayers, which is time consuming etc. you just write it on a flag and every time the wind blows the flag flaps and your prayer is said in effect. The beauty of this system is that you can be getting on with your life and save huge amounts of time going to say prayers etc.

A fabulous efficiency.

Think of the productivity gained!

So if you’re driving through Edinburgh anytime soon and you spot a line of brightly coloured flags blowing in the wind from an upstairs window those’ll be mine.

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