Who will pay for social justice?

09 Jan

Okay, at times I get a bit utopian. I know this. But I also know that if you want to effect change you have to aim high because by doing that you should get more of the things further down the tree that you want. Getting the whole tree is the aim but it’s a big bite.

There’s a lot being made of equality, social justice and various other trendy sounding stuff. People want a fairer local community just like we used to have. This will require change and change is never cheap is it!

So where will the money come from to gain the benefits from the changes which some people think need to be made?

Who has money? The government? Your local council? The EU?

It’s an easy answer. None of those have any money. Not even a single penny.

Does that shock you?

So how do the government, local councils and the EU spend money then? Easy they dream stuff up and then they set a budget and then they spend the money. There is a smidgen of some sort of controls but not enough to bother them apart from the EU who haven’t had their account signed off for years and years!

The money all comes from you and me too. Taxpayers. People who buy stuff. Companies who buy stuff and then pass on their costs which are taxes of one kind or another onto us whilst making a profit which is also taxed.

It’s a never-ending roller coaster of take, take, take by the government, councils and the EU.

So the money that needs to be found to enact social justice comes from the taxpayer. But what if the taxpayer is unemployed? What if people stop spending money? What if employers employ less people and make less profits? What if the economy bombs and tax revenues go down? What if a lot of large companies stop paying taxes in the UK and pay them to another country because it’s cheaper for them and EU says that’s all right to do so?

The government, council or the EU won’t have enough money to enact the changes they want.

The solution? Well an economy, which is working well, is the answer. It’s a no brainer.

Now I have to introduce a bit of bad language. In order for the economy to grow and be stronger, capitalism has to be used. Nothing else can happen unless there is some sort of capitalism in place. Ask the Russians. Ask the Chinese. Ask a whole variety of countries from all over the world.

The lack of controls on capitalism isn’t capitalisms fault. It’s the fault of the government and the EU and also the councils who have the controls but don’t implement them.

The government have a mechanism, which oversees the capitalist system. It’s a government department without a minister. It’s the Office of Fair Trading and another department within a department the Monopolies and Mergers Commission. Both are tasked with maintaining fairness and ensuring that large businesses do not have too big a part of the markets in which they operate.

Have you heard of these? Not recently? Do you remember the OFT was taking the banks to court to stop them charging people ridiculous fees on their bank accounts? That’s the sort of thing the OFT was set up for. They didn’t win because it was claimed that they weren’t entitled to take actions against the banks, which the government supported.

That’s known as a fudge. Not one of those wee finger of fudge jobs though. It was just a way to ensure that the banks didn’t have to pay out for charges they had illegally levied. It did ensure, however, that the banks were able to continue making charges they continue to illegally levy.

The government then is not on our side even although we pay for it several times over. The political parties and their MPs are not on our side either.

Social justice has a cost. Taxpayers will have to foot the bill. Maybe those who are keenest to see social justice happen should form a queue and throw all their cash into a huge fund which will pay for it.

Totally not going to happen is it?



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