The protection racket…

10 Jan

Since when did we need to be protected from cinnamon buns? Since when did we need someone decide that vacuum cleaners should be significantly detuned?

Well now actually. The EU is doing both, the cinnamon is happening in Denmark and the reduction of the power of vacuum cleaners is being readied to be carried out soon across the whole of the EU.

No doubt you’ll be able to think of lots of things which have been regulated, controlled or had the price increased on goods or services which you want to purchase but someone else thinks it’s a good idea to make them very expensive so you’ll stop purchasing them?

The EU is a culprit but so is the Westminster government and of course your local council to name but three. They also have two tools in their tool kit. They can regulate you and threaten you with the law if you don’t comply or they can whack the prices up and keep the increase in taxes for their own good reasons.

Of course we’ve let them away with it. The government is supposed to protect us, not protect us from ourselves. There is also the tiny matter of democracy and how we’ve lost it. In the last Scottish Government local elections in the ward here the MSP returned was a Labour guy, I should explain that we have a lot of lefties in the area. Artists, musicians, writers and the like, a growing gang of cyclists etc…

In the local council elections a labour guy, an SNP guy and a Green guy all represent our ward. I mean how can that work? They all claim the same victories, they all jump on every small issue that comes along and if you write to one you write to them all and they all go scurrying around to sort it out first.

Can’t we get politicians that we want rather than politicians that we get?

We don’t need all these rules and regulations. The more rules and regulations the more people who are required to administer them. The more people the higher the cost. The higher the cost the more our spending power is reduced.


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