Out of the mouths of politicians…

11 Jan

The BBC Scotland News has featured a couple of interviews with the firstly Nicola Sturgeon (Wee Nippy) the SNP spokesperson for the SNP YES campaign and then our old, and very good friend Alistair Darling the spokesperson for the Better Together (bitter the gither) NO campaign.

Brian Taylor the political editor was asking the questions and he seemed to manage to carry it out fairly evenly.

At one point Alistair was waffling on about how much better it was to be part of something big rather than something small. He then went on to cite the fact that the population of Scotland was aging more quickly therefore there would be a large bill coming Scotland’s way soon and it was unlikely that Scotland would be able to afford it.

He then actually claimed that it would be better for Scotland that this bill would be shared over the 60 million population of the whole of the UK rather than the paltry 5 million population of Scotland.

Was he really seriously suggesting that his argument might encourage voters to take the YES route based on his pensions point? Surely not?

Apart from anything else here was a previous Chancellor of the Exchequer suggesting a pension gap was there for all to see. Not only that but he had been complicit with almost all previous and more recent Chancellors in failing to make adequate pension provisions for our elderly whilst spending the money which should have gone down that route on other stuff. Shame on him.

At no time did he offer any meaningful reasons for anyone to vote NO. When he was pressed on this he immediately swerved it by pointing out that he did not represent any political party, which would have policies relating to Scotland so he could not offer any insight as to what would happen in Scotland following a NO vote.

Nippy was all positive and smiling. It’s such a pity that the SNP are positioning themselves as the formers of policy for an Independent Scotland without actually asking the voters what they would prefer or want.

There’s a long way to go.

Westminster and the English and Scottish establishments will be doing everything in their power and then some to ensure the status quo is retained. Scotland will suffer badly following a NO vote.

How can we expect anything else?


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