A new shiny Scotland – Part 1

12 Jan

This blog post will be run and expanded over the next few Sundays. It may well run to six different posts. I hope you may well want to comment. I warn you firstly though it is utopian. Part 2 is

A couple of years ago at this time of year I did a wee blog about an old guy who liked a drink, a fag and to be able to heat his home. He couldn’t though because the alarmists had made energy far too expensive and the Food and Tobacco Nazis were stopping him from doing what he enjoyed. I’d actually added a bit about him wanting to smoke in bed but he wasn’t allowed because the smoke was supposed to be able to permeate through the party wall. Some science guy put that in a science paper recently. Loony.

Anyway 24 months in the climate change, food and tobacco sphere is a long time, especially since the tide is turning on them all. It’s quite refreshing to see the amount of rolling back that has gone on but of course the zealots are still there. Nonetheless it might be fun to fast-forward a couple of more years.  So here we go…

It had been a good party. It was just after 6:00 AM and the last of the, by now, weary band of New Year revellers had left. Old Tom thought he’d maybe leave the tidying up until later so he set the thermostat to 20 and headed upstairs. 20 degrees centigrade! Who would have thunk it he thought to himself. A few years ago he couldn’t afford to keep the whole house heated meaning he was cold a lot of the time. Now the price of energy had dropped by so much he could easily pay the bills and all thinks to fracking and the copious and still growing amounts of oil and gas coming out of the Scottish sector of the North Sea.

Cheap energy and reasonable taxation on it’s retrieval had helped to make Scotland one of the most affluent countries in the world. Real quality jobs had been created in engineering, shipbuilding, technology, bio-engineering, banking and finance, the list just went on and on. Only two years since independence and no more Westminster, no more EU and no more Mrs Queen. The turnaround was incredible. From being supposedly feeble and being supported by Westminster to being held up as a model for the future and helping Catalonia and Quebec get their independence.

The EU had fragmented quiet quickly following Scotland’s decision not to join. The euro died a spectacular death and now the economies of Spain Greece and Ireland were well on the mend. Germany and France had a few residual problems but the movement towards the same type of direct democracy used in Scotland was slowly being adopted in many countries. Good news. Good news all around.

Of course having direct democracy meant that MSPs were no longer needed. Political parties had gone by the board. Anyone could register a policy, which they considered to be of value and then people voted on them. There were a few silly ones to start with but things soon settled down and the “sillies” were dropped and people settled down to make the most of the new system.

Part 2 next Sunday.


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