Voluntarily paying more council tax than is required.

13 Jan

BBC Scotland evening news provided a question as their top of the news item. It was – “Would we be prepared to pay more Council Tax to get improved services?”

It was discussed and people were stopped in the street and asked the question. Obviously it was hard to tell how many people they had asked and how many had actually said they would.

From the BBCs perspective, it would be a good thing. That being the case, perhaps the BBC should reduce the licence fee on the basis that those who paid less would then pay the saving on the license fee to their local council. Now that would be interesting but of course just a dream.

The question is rather lame however for at least three reasons. Firstly, people are still suffering from the drop in living standards following the credit crunch regardless of the claims that things are improving dramatically. Secondly, councils are still paying senior staff way over the odds for their value and for the job they do.

And then there’s the third reason. Councils have been fleecing their council taxpayers by introducing various charges, increasing existing charges and enforcing draconian rules and regulation to ensure their coffers are pretty full and then withholding monies, which could be used to preserve or extend services whilst calling that money “reserves”.

None of these go down well with council taxpayers.

There is also an elephant in the room.

Councils levy their tax on all residents within their area who are required to pay by law and are subject to substantial penalties some of which are based on illegal practices.

However, the Councils do not provide any sort of contract or service level agreement for council taxpayers, which ensures that the monies paid represent value for money from the council and the services delivered as contracted and agreed.

I know, it’s a wild dream with no possibility of becoming a reality?

Perhaps our politicians will rescue us? Perhaps aliens will land soon and provide everyone on the planet with a means to cure all illnesses, give us enough money so we can all live as billionaires do and remove politicians and the establishment to a planet far, far, far away.

My money is on aliens delivering since the other option just isn’t possible in any galaxy, near by or otherwise.

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