People over 55 shun their doctor.

15 Jan

Well there’s a surprise. The article should really have been about doctors and medical staff at GP practices being far too pushy about what people should and shouldn’t do.

There was a survey carried out and then published in the Daily Mail that we people who are over 55 don’t go to our docs often enough. Now why should it be people over 55? A magic number of some sort? Is it a number at which people start falling to bits?

I would imagine that people of 55 or over are hugely more healthy than 55 year olds from a few years ago. It’s the same for all age groups and some of it is down to living better lives of which health care is part of the picture. Yes we’ve had access to drugs and improved medical care but we don’t go seeking it out unless we have too. Things were tight in the 60s and a lot of us didn’t have access to anything much at all. Our parents were much poorer financially and that had an effect on us over 55s but we had a much richer life experience since we “played out”, “wandered further” and “climbed, cycled, ran about” all the time.

The medical profession al though not all of them, of course knows best. Well they don’t actually; they just think they do which is a different thing entirely. We over 55s are very capable of spotting a scam when we see it. Like going along every year to the docs at their invitation so we can get weighed and checked. We know they get paid for doing this, I doubt many docs would do it if they didn’t.

I have a relative who starts taking statins a week or so before she goes for her yearly check. It works. She doesn’t have any problems and as long as the doc thinks she takes her statins he’s happy and leaves her alone.

I had my wee letter “inviting me” to go to get my yearly check. It went straight in the shredder. The Doc told me he thought everyone should be taking statins and blood pressure lowering tablets regardless. If I go I’m just a let down for them. I won’t take statins, I’ve stopped taking the blood pressure pills, I don’t drink, smoke and I’m not overweight. One of the medics suggested I should only eat red meat twice a week. Really? Now there I was secure in the historical knowledge that red meat was good for us. Not now however.

I’ll go to the Doc if there is a need. I won’t take part in their money making stuff. I won’t seek them out unless “I” feel I need them. I am an individual and I make my own decisions on the basis that if I’m wrong I will have to live with the consequences.

Ditto you?


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