The Russians are coming…

16 Jan

Looks like our old friends may have got bored and decided to have a bit of fun. A Russian warship had got as close as 30 miles from the Scottish coast. Shock! Horror! Probe!

Not to worry though because a new, fancy, destroyer was immediately despatched to deal with any breach of our territorial waters. They only slight issue being that the destroyer was at the other end of the country and took 24 hours to get here. Mr Putin must be dining out on that story and will be for some time to come.

So “Call me Dave” says we Scots won’t be able to protect ourselves following a successful YES vote in the Scottish Independence Referendum. Hmmmm… The UK can’t even do it now. It’s laughable. The new aircraft carriers were a great help too. One is pretty far along the road and the other has only been started too. Oh yes and they don’t have any aircraft to fly from them either. Great planning there Dave. He’s the man with his finger on the pulse of the UK. It’s just he hasn’t noticed it’s stopped.

The Russians are people just like us. They get their fair share of crap politicians jut like every other country in the world. They were good at sorting out the Syrian chemical warfare incident with a great strategy, which didn’t involve shooting or bombing by the USA, UK France etc.

I’ve always had a soft spot for the Russians. My dad used to go to Burns Suppers on Russian ships if they were in port. They couldn’t get enough Burns stuff and they were pretty keen on haggis and whisky too. They are just ordinary people like us.

They also did a great job with the Greenpeace “campaigners”. They were told not to go near the oilrigs and they did and they got arrested. About time too. Demonstrating is still going on and we all have the right to do so which is right and proper in a so-called democracy. However, the greenies go too far and up until now they have got away with it. If they demonstrate and break the law they should be banged up, charged and an appropriate fine or prison sentence provide for them to enjoy.

I’m pretty sure Scotland will be able to defend it’s self. Mostly though it’s very unlikely that any country would want to be aggressive towards us. Why bother? We won’t be swanning a round on the world political stage telling other countries what to do or sending troops to other countries to shoot and stuff.

Of course is someone does upset us we can always send the jakeys over to square them off. No kilts required.


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